Grey's Anatomy recap: There's No Going Back

The doctors are forced to make life-altering decisions, and Cristina learns why she lost the Harper Avery
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 24, 2014

SISTER SISTER. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) is engaged! And she paid her brother a visit to see if the domestic life suited her. Spoiler: It did not.

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On a trip to get another heart for Frankie, which happened freakishly fast, Karev and Arizona discussed his new private practice offer. He spent the entire plane ride waiting for her to talk him out of it before talking over her. Although, I will give him props for this line: "Can we not talk about the last time you were on a plane?" Well done, writers! But as Karev explained, he had already stayed at the hospital for Arizona once, and it was time he did something for himself. And surprisingly, she agreed. She would miss him, but he needed to do what's best for him. Plus, he'll still have hospital privileges, so we'll still see him around. By episode's end, he'd given his notice to the board … and I'm still sorting through my feelings about it.

Also dealing with a difficult decision was Bailey, whose research was put under a microscope when Jackson pointed out that she didn't have any hard evidence proving that it worked. And when Bubble Boy's mom started chatting with Heart family's mom, it only freaked her out. She told Bailey that they were no longer allowed to inject her son with the enzyme (and therefore HIV), despite his worsening condition. Little did she realize that she'd already signed the consent form, which Bailey was keeping in her pocket. Correct me if I'm wrong -- which is highly possible -- but with her signature, it wouldn't be illegal for Bailey to move forward, it would just be awful and morally reprehensible and scarring, right? Sounds like it's right up our alley then!

But present-day impossible decisions weren't the only thing on the agenda. There was also that previous decision. You know, the one where Cristina didn't win the Harper Avery? Richard surprised Catherine with a visit across the country so that they could spend a little post-awards weekend together, but Catherine immediately jumped to the conclusion that Richard wanted to talk about why Yang didn't win. That actually wasn't his intention, but once she said it, he couldn't help but get involved. None of the other contestants even compared to Yang. So why didn't she win? The simple answer: Politics. The Harper Avery Foundation co-owns Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where Yang works, which means that she could never have won that award. And nobody from the hospital ever will, Richard pointed out.

Things only got worse when Catherine threw her $24 million in Richard's face and then admitted that Yang did have the votes to win. The award technically was hers. And in that moment, Richard revealed why he'd really come to visit Catherine. He was going to propose. But after realizing what Catherine had done, he left the ring on her desk and walked out the door. Unimportant, totally shallow thought: Do we think the ring lived up to Catherine's standards? I mean, did you see her office?

In the episode's most adorable moment, Meredith and Derek finally got to spend some alone time together. He scheduled them a joint surgery, they had a little "dessert" in an on-call room, and they pondered what life would be like if Amelia came to stay with them in their extra room and helped take care of the kids more often. Too bad that dream was shut down as soon as they got home to a disaster of a dream house. The kids were asleep, but they'd taken Amelia down with them. As Meredith put it, "The children broke your sister." I will say that, in general, I really enjoyed Amelia on Private Practice, and I always enjoy watching Derek be a protective big brother, so I'm all about Amelia sticking around for a bit.

You know who can go, though? Freaking Leah. All she did this episode was panic, sort of help Cristina on a surgery, and then somehow need a pep talk when a patient that she barely had any involvement with died. I realize how cold that probably made me sound just then, but I trust you all to see through it. I just never liked her character and am glad that both she and Shane -- which hurts me to say (sorry Smash!) -- won't last much longer.

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