Grey's Anatomy recap: Get Yang's Ya-Ya's Out

How do you solve a problem like Cristina's sex drive? Smash something!
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 21, 2013

KIDS TABLE Meredith is totally hogging her new toy.

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Arizona probably could have picked a better time than the middle of a Callie-Arizona-Leah doctoring three-way to tell Callie she'd been with somebody while they were apart. Was it once? No. More than twice? More than 10? Doesn't matter, Arizona said. It's over.

But surgery on Ella's leg has just begun! Yay, let's give the unstable drama queen a drill. Stupid Intern Leah drills not only through Ella's leg (intended) but into the operating table (not). "MURPHY, PULL IT TOGETHER," yells Callie. And after watching the way Leah pleads with Arizona to "do something," Callie realizes those two have a shared understanding, a closeness beyond the OR. "It was her?" she asks. "Ten plus tons? That's…. just… perfect."

Later, patient Ella's babysitter, wracked with guilt and shame, went on and on about blaming herself for Ella's accident, concluding, "I guess it's my fault for getting so attached." Leah barely buzzed with vague recognition at that one. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Meanwhile, April and Jackson engaged in possibly the last "close talk" of their lives. Yeah right! Those two love getting all up in each other's faces and having intense, quiet, sexually charged conversations. Basically, April's wedding is not happening. There's no way. For starters, April told Steph she "couldn't deal with an Evite." Um, the fact that sending out an Evite was even an option on the table suggests this wedding should not be taken seriously!

April, who is 4 years old, had to remove Jackson from her wedding guest list because his last name starts with A so he was always right at the top of the list, taunting her. She works with the guy every single day, yet can't handle the idea of being in the presence of both Avery and Matthew. DO WE THINK THAT MIGHT BE A RED FLAG?

Intern Stephanie gets it -- well, after pouting her way through her dying patient (returning guest star "pancreas lady")'s matchmaking efforts to set her lover -- not her husband -- up with another woman, she finally saw the light re: Jackson not being over April. She also could have just USED HER EYES (did her recent Lasik surgery not take?) to see this blatantly obvious situation at any point in the last few months. But patients-of-the-week who have meaningful lessons for our interns take up more screen time, so Grey's went with those.

Yangism of the night: "I don't get all that worked up about cranberries," she told Owen as the chief desperately attempted to refrain from inviting his ex to his new girlfriend's Thanksgiving dinner at ex's new mortal enemy's house.

Whew! Your thoughts on "Someone That I Used to Know"? How the heck did Arizona make it back to the bed so quickly after her hookup confession? Yang and Shane: Horrifying or Why the Hell Not? And is Meredith's freaking printer going to ever do anything right?!


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