Grey's Anatomy recap: Get Yang's Ya-Ya's Out

How do you solve a problem like Cristina's sex drive? Smash something!
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 21, 2013

KIDS TABLE Meredith is totally hogging her new toy.

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Webber refused to check into a rehab facility; now these broken ribs will buy him some more time. Ooh, should he and the interns have ordered BBQ ribs for Thanksgiving instead? And wait, where's Catherine? I know Debbie Allen directed this episode, so couldn't she have stepped in front of the camera and joined the chicken picnic on Webber's hospital bed? Eh, probably not. Not fabulous enough. Zero jazz hands.

"The bucket lacks dignity!" Webber cried in a feeble attempt to pretend he wasn't jonesing for fried chicken. But it was too late. Sides had been put on the (kids) table. Gravy. Coleslaw. Honestly, this was almost too cute.

Non sequitur of the night: "Does she put mushrooms in the stuffing? I find it makes them soggy." --Webber to Meredith re: Emma's culinary plans

Speaking of insisting with all one's might on terribly specific things (worst segue ever?), Bailey has full-blown OCD now. She's arranging her surgical instruments and even regular daily life items just so, and she can't help it. Ben tries to get her to seek psychiatric help after he noticed her keeping a patient under anesthesia for an hour longer than he should have been. But Bailey refuses -- she has "a busy schedule, and navel-gazing is not on it."

Well, Ben made the mistake of blabbing to Derek about this while Derek sketched something asymmetrical that had to do with brain mapping on his highly evolved science chalkboard. (This doodle brought to you by something about the way McDreamy's toothpaste hit the sink. The man can't even spit without having a genius idea!)

Ben was just looking out for his wife. But Derek's on the board (ooooooh, the board, what do you want, a medal?) so he couldn't just ignore the disclosure. Bailey was furious: "You told the chief of surgery I have a psychiatric condition!" Well, when you put it that way…. But in the end, Bailey had to confront reality. Once she and Ben got home, she shoved a chair to the ground and then had to place it upright. Can't get any more OCD than that.

Intern Leah has to work with Callie and Arizona on Ella, a 6 year-old who suffered a femur fracture after getting hit by a car. And she won't give up on the sexcapades she had going with Arizona. But haven't you heard? Callie and Arizona are back together now. (No one had heard.) Dr. Robbins makes it clear Leah should bark up a different forbidden fruit tree and get over her. "You don't wanna be the person who says 'I'll wait for you' in case it doesn't work out with your wife." Ugh, yes, that is tragic. Walk away, Leah! She does stomp away… right down a shame spiral on the stairs of despair.

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