Grey's Anatomy recap: Runaway Bailey

It's Bailey's wedding day! But, in true Seattle Grace fashion, things go awry
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 13, 2012

BRIDE ON THE RUN A questionably dressed Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was supposed to walk down the aisle last night, but a few things got in the way

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As for Arizona and Callie, the two were still an quite an impasse in their tenuous relationship, despite making great strides forward since the beginning of the season. Things for the lesbian couple came to a head, though, just as they were getting ready to head off to the wedding. Arizona had already expressed dismay at having to go to the wedding and not be able to wear heels -- she said she wouldn't feel confident in flats. And finally, Callie just blew up at her about it and basically told her to get over the whole leg thing. "I think it's everything!" Callie said, after Arizona accused her of thinking her issues with the prosthetic leg were nothing. "And you know what? It has been -- for months. And I have been supportive -- for months. But there comes a point where you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. Maybe for one night our lives can be something other than that damn leg. My whole life is about that leg!" Right on! Sort of. We all feel for Arizona, but Callie's got a good point there. And what do you know? Arizona showed up at the wedding -- granted, a somewhat botched wedding so far -- without much of a complaint, as far as we know.

The last big drama of the night came between Owen and Cristina. A storm has been brewing between the star-crossed pair all fall, and finally it just blew up. Cristina found out that Owen was pursuing a divorce so that she -- and her coworkers also involved in the plane crash -- would be assured of winning their lawsuit, without him as a conflict of interest. After she learned all of this, Cristina confronted Owen, in what turned out to be one of the most honest conversations the pair has had in ages. "Was the lawsuit the only reason you asked for a divorce?" she asked him before heading to the wedding. His retort: "You were done a long time ago," as if to justify his lawsuit reason with the fact that she didn't want to be married to him anyway. And that's when Cristina offered up a somewhat shocking revelation: "Okay, let me put it another way," she said. "I wanted to try again. I was gonna ask you if we could try again, and you said, 'I want a divorce.'" We don't know much beyond that at this point, but signs point to some sort of reconciliation between this pair -- or at least an attempt at a reconciliation. But how will that affect the lawsuit? Seems like that will be rather sticky.

The only other storyline worth noting from the night was what was going on between Karev and his intern Wilson. Basically, they were fighting because she accused him of setting her up to fail during a surgery. He denied it and said he was trying to teach her a lesson. This all dovetailed with a storyline that found Kepner and Avery going to Bailey's wedding separately, but with interns -- Ross and Edwards, respectively. Edwards was tasked by Avery with finding Karev a date so they could double. But she didn't know Karev was the guy that needed the date -- and naturally, she picked Wilson. And, wait! Don't those two hate each other now and have lots of weird issues? OMG! No one could see that one coming from 10 billion miles away. Oh wait, yes we could. But whatever -- the storyline was simple and brought a little bit of lightness to an otherwise frantic and busy hour.

As she does, Meredith closed out the hour with another little voiceover to sum things up -- mostly on the Bailey-storyline front -- and that's what I will leave you with here in these wee hours of the morning. "The body doesn't know the difference between nerves and excitement, panic and doubt, the beginning and the end," she said, ever wisely. "The body just tells you to get the hell out. Sometimes you ignore it. That's the reasonable thing to do. But sometimes you listen. You're supposed to trust your gut, right? When your body says run, run." Poignant, yes?

What'd you think of the episode, Grey's watchers? Do you think Bailey did the right thing by going with Webber to the hospital? Or should she have headed to the chapel? Do we think that Derek's surgery will stick? Are you with Callie and over Arizona's victim attitude? Sound off in the comments below!

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