Grey's Anatomy recap: Runaway Bailey

It's Bailey's wedding day! But, in true Seattle Grace fashion, things go awry
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 13, 2012

BRIDE ON THE RUN A questionably dressed Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was supposed to walk down the aisle last night, but a few things got in the way

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We'll have to wait until Grey's returns in January to know what happens with the wedding, but suffice to say that it's unlikely that Ben and Bailey are getting least on this particular day. However, it wouldn't surprise me too much if some flip-turn situation happens where -- maybe, just maybe -- Bailey and Ben somehow get married at Seattle Grace itself amid everything with Adele, ensconced in the place she loves (or hates?) so much. It would somewhat fitting. And somewhat odd, too. But also very, very Grey's Anatomy. Or maybe Bailey's fears will prove too much and she really will have just left Ben at the altar. All I have to say about that is: She's a silly lady if she lets this guy go. He's a hottie, a doctor, and doesn't seem to have any real issues. Don't lose him!

Elsewhere at Seattle Grace, the drama wasn't quite to Bailey or Adele's levels. Derek's sister Lizzie was back, and this week, they performed the surgery to give her leg nerves to Derek to repair the damaged nerve in his hand. (Ultimately, the surgery seemed to go fine, but we don't know how Derek's hand is yet.) Mostly, there was a lot of back and forth, where Derek insisted that Lizzie not do the surgery, largely because it was going to require her to give some nerves from both legs. But it was Meredith who convinced her to do the surgery, although Lizzie also gave her distant sister-in-law doctor a piece of her mind about her closeness to the rest of the family. "You're not shy about asking me for a couple of body parts," Lizzie said to Meredith frankly, "but now you want me to cover your tracks with Derek?" My favorite line from Lizzie (the well-cast Neve Campbell), though, was: "If you want to be a sister, I am delighted -- but then act like one." Her big beef was that she didn't really know Zola and that Meredith had never really become part of the family.

Meredith, though, eventually came around to apologize for the way she was over the past few years, and also explained by blaming her actions on how she was raised. "My version of family isn't like yours," she said. The two made up, but not before Meredith revealed the news about her pregnancy and Lizzie offered up a hilarious quip to her sister-in-law: "You don't have to want to Derek's truckload of sisters in your life." It's clear that Meredith didn't really want that truckload in her life -- but she seemed to be warming to the idea.

Speaking of Meredith's pregnancy, she also got a sonogram with Derek by her side. But she seemed so apathetic to the whole pregnancy, which is probably just a coping mechanism since she's had such bad luck with miscarriages in the past. "I have a very unstable uterus," she explained once again. But the doctor assured her and Derek: "You've got some risk factors, but we're going to watch you like a hawk." I hope to hell that they're not going to put Meredith through yet another miscarriage. Just how much pain can one TV character endure? I guess heaping a little bit more on Meredith's already huge pile of tragedy wouldn't make that much of a difference, but I'd like to see her be given a tiny bit of a break. Please, Shonda?

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