Grey's Anatomy recap: Runaway Bailey

It's Bailey's wedding day! But, in true Seattle Grace fashion, things go awry
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 13, 2012

BRIDE ON THE RUN A questionably dressed Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was supposed to walk down the aisle last night, but a few things got in the way

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The only person who could really seem to calm Bailey down through all of this was Webber, who offered to let her scrub in on a surgery with him as a way to ease her nerves. (It turns out, though, that her super-thoughtful husband-to-be Ben had asked Webber to do that. How sweet.) But Webber was also the only person Bailey ever got real with about why she was so nervous to marry Ben -- and even that didn't help explain too much about what was really going on with her. "You think it's a mistake?" he asked her. "I just feel worried. I never felt that way with Tucker." It goes without saying that she was being a little bit more cautious the second time around -- and that only seemed natural to Webber. "A little bit of doubt," he told her wisely, "is just a sign of an intelligent adult."

Another plot within all this wedding-jitter madness was the idea that Bailey would be driving herself to the wedding -- she insisted on it, as she wanted to enjoy her last 10 minutes as a single lady alone. But Webber swooped in again to save the day, and further showed that these two have one of the most complex, interesting, and special relationships in the Grey's Anatomy world. He pulled up to her house in a limo and Bailey hopped in. But that's where things started to really go wrong for Bailey.

Minutes into the ride, Webber received a call from Seattle Grace saying that the very sick Adele -- who we haven't seen on the show since April, in a heartbreaking, Alzheimer's-related storyline with her husband -- was at the hospital throwing up blood. Bailey immediately swung into action -- clearly she was concerned for Adele (and, by proxy, Webber), but she also used the tragedy to avoid her wedding further. Truly, she probably couldn't have done anything different -- any sane person would have went to the hospital with Webber, but it's slightly suspicious, considering all her consternation about the wedding itself. (Was she just using the situation to get out of her situation?) Honestly, it probably wouldn't really have worked for her to send Webber on to the hospital by himself while she walked down the aisle. So she went with him. "Turn the car around!" she yelled at the driver. "We need to go to the emergency room at Seattle Grace Hospital right now."

There, Adele was in a state -- honestly, what looked to be a really bad one. So bad, in fact, that Webber got so emotional and demanding that the doctor who was working on Adele had to tell him to leave. And it was Bailey who took over and, eventually, seemed to somewhat stabilize Adele, who had lost a lot of blood by this point. The last shot we saw of Adele was her being wheeled off by Bailey, who had removed her own (truly hideous) wedding dress and veil to be able to get her hands dirty in the case.

What happens now? Well, that's just the cliffhanger that Grey's wants for us, right? Back at the chapel, all the guests -- mostly doctors from Seattle Grace -- had assembled, and it didn't seem like anyone was too worried that Bailey wasn't there yet. (In the Grey's universe, weddings are always delayed.) That is, until we saw the bridesmaids waiting in the back, and Callie admitted how she thought maybe she had scared Bailey with her comments about just leaving Ben at the altar. And guess who heard her say that? Yep: Ben, who was none too happy with what he heard.

NEXT: Are Ben and Bailey going to walk down the aisle?

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