Grey's Anatomy recap: The New Class

As Seattle Grace's interns take center stage, some rise to challenges and other fall hard
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 6, 2012


I haven't even talked about Brooks (Tina Majorino) up to this point because her assignment from Meredith was pretty simple: Call Derek's sisters and find someone who was willing to donate a nerve for his hand surgery. But as we know, with Derek's sisters, nothing is ever simple. So she spent most of the episode playing phone tag. She hated it, especially when she found herself right in the middle of a Derek-Meredith bicker-fest. (He didn't want his family involved, but a live nerve is better surgically speaking.) Finally, Brooks told them both to quit arguing about the issue and -- most importantly -- stop putting her in the middle. On cue, Derek's sister (Neve Campbell) arrived on the scene to diffuse the situation and save the day! (Also, Scream 3 reunion! Just me? Okay...)

Speaking of Derek's upcoming surgery, all the interns were clamoring for a chance to assist Callie in the OR, so she held a competition to see who was up for the task. Frankly, I was hoping for an America's Next Top Intern-style walk-off, but she went with something more straightforward. The person who ended up winning the coveted spot? Shane, who according to Callie was the only person who examined Derek and treated him like a patient. Between that victory and the fact that one of his lump-removals turned out to be an early cancer detection, Shane was riding high. And nothing -- not even April's bitter feelings toward a second day on a gross assignment -- could get him down.

"I'm here because I want to be. All I ever wanted to be was a surgeon, and now, Torres has chosen me to scrub in on one of the coolest surgeries I'll ever see because of you," he told Kepner. "You gave me 27 solo procedures yesterday -- at least one of them saved a woman's life. I'm grateful for this job and I'm grateful to you. I'm hardly slumming it. So I'm going to glove up and help you with your lumps and you're going to like it." And I like you, Smash Shane!

Burning questions: What did you think of the intern-centric episode? Who's your favorite minion and why? Is anyone actually worried that they're being groomed to step up for regular cast members? (If so, I don't you should be. That's just my guess, though. It felt like simply a fun one-off.) Did the teen mom get under your skin, too? Does anyone else think that Leah looks like the love child of Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Carpenter? Did you find some of the music effects a little distracting in this episode? Did you enjoy a week off from the plane crash drama? When do you think Meredith is going to come clean to everyone about the pregnancy? And am I REALLY the only one who was excited about the Scream 3 connection?

Note: Your regular recapper, Tanner, will be back next week.

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