Grey's Anatomy recap: The New Class

As Seattle Grace's interns take center stage, some rise to challenges and other fall hard
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 6, 2012


Now, we've seen plenty of sick babies on this show before, but I can't recall ever seeing a parent like this girl. She was selfish, hateful, whiny, and had a mother let her get away with it all! The cherry on top of the sundae of human horror? She abandoned her child.

Wilson caught them in the act and tried to stop them, but Karev intervened when Wilson and the mother began to get physical. He ended up letting them leave, and Wilson was left fuming. When Karev asked for an explanation, she told him that she had been abandoned as a child and had to work her way through school with no support -- moral or financial. Her life was definitely not as privileged and plush as Karev had assumed. (And on a slightly related note: I hope Kimmy and her mom are hit by a bus. Too harsh? Maybe...maybe not. )

Two cases that Edwards had been assigned, both of which involved two babies with heart defects, also took strange and sad turns. One of the babies had been in line to get a transplant, but on the verge of good news about an available heart, the second baby took a turn for the worst and was suddenly bumped ahead of the other baby. Tragic? Definitely. But the situation was made even sadder by the fact that the babies' parents -- a single mom and a widowed father -- had become such great friends.

By the end, the second baby ended up getting the heart and the mother, whose baby had been passed up for the transplant, ended up putting aside her own disappointment to be there for her friend. Sniff.

Overall, the case gave Edwards a chance to standout, which severely annoyed Leah. As a result, their feud/competition ended up reaching new -- and potentially dangerous -- levels. Yes, they almost killed a woman and were banned from the OR by Owen until further notice.

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