Grey's Anatomy recap: High and Low Points

Highs and lows at Seattle Grace resulted in one pregnancy scare, one actual pregnancy, wedding plans, and a pending divorce
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 29, 2012

CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) showed that she's a different woman since returning from her stint in Minnesota.


High point: Bailey’s pending wedding
Despite her irritation with the whole thing, weddings are just about as joyful as babies. And Bailey seems to be getting quite the doozy of a wedding. “He wants to have a Christmas wedding!” she said of her fiancé Ben. Even though she complained about the silliness of the Christmas theme, it seemed like she actually sort of liked it. I mean, how can you not?

Low point: The liver transplant storyline
God, that was hard to watch. Wasn’t it? No wonder that the intern cried. It was hard to watch as that patient -- whose body rejected the liver the doctors were trying to put into him -- accepted his lot in life. “Things happen for a reason,” he said earlier to his partner. “It’s not 30 years,” he continued, after he got the bad news, “but it’s better than nothing.” And that’s when the intern’s waterworks -- and my own -- began. He told the intern -- and by proxy, me -- why he wasn’t sad. “I’m old. I’ve had a good life. I found people to love, and they loved me back. We’ve got this week” -- the estimated time he had left to live -- "and we’re gonna make it count.”

High point: Cristina’s change
It may not have come soon enough to save her relationship with Owen, but her changes -- her, dare I say it? -- softening is affecting part of her job. After the crying intern left the room, Cristina tracked him down in the hallway. “No big deal, but don’t do that again,” she advised him. “It’s gross.” And it was actually Bailey who witnessed the whole thing and pointed out how she’s changed and, ultimately, become more human. “I don’t what know what happened to you in that frozen hell of a tundra, but you changed,” Bailey said. Cristina tried to deny it, but nope -- thankfully, it’s a reality.

What’d you think, Grey’s Anatomy TV watchers? Did you enjoy the night’s high and low points? What points did I miss here? Sound off in the comments section below!

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