Grey's Anatomy recap: High and Low Points

Highs and lows at Seattle Grace resulted in one pregnancy scare, one actual pregnancy, wedding plans, and a pending divorce
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 29, 2012

CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) showed that she's a different woman since returning from her stint in Minnesota.


Low point: Cristina and Owen’s interactions
Looks like these two are headed for divorce. Why? Well, that’s exactly what Owen said he wants last night. “We should get a divorce,” he told Cristina upon meeting her at their once-beloved firehouse abode. Her sad retort that she offered without any fight: “If that’s what you want.” He responded simply: “Yeah.” The turnaround between these two has been fascinating to watch. Just as Cristina sort of started coming back around and warming up again to Owen upon her return to Seattle Grace, he started pulling away. Early in the episode when she asked him why he brought her back to Seattle Grace, he responded robotically, devoid of any feeling or emotion: “You’re gonna do great things, Cristina, and I’m running a hospital,” he explained. “I’d rather have you do that under our banner. You’re good business.” What a slam! And on the other end of things, Cristina told Meredith: “Yeah, I want Owen back.” This whole lawsuit thing may help fix things between these two or speed up their demise, which brings us to the next…

…Low point: The blasted lawsuit
Yeah, it’s good TV, but it doesn’t look good for Owen when it comes to the pending lawsuit. He told everyone on staff to not worry about it at the top of the hour. But it quickly became clear that it’s going to affect everything that happens at the hospital for quite a while, largely because his wife is involved in the lawsuit -- she was on the plane -- and he’s the one who signed off on a new airplane provider that was ultimately responsible for what happened. The whole thing is a lot more complicated than that simple explanation, but it remains to be seen what will happen.

High point: Arizona’s triumphant return to Seattle Grace
I already mentioned it, but seeing Arizona back in the mix at Seattle Grace was joyful. Granted, it didn’t necessarily start out that way. Callie had assigned an intern to follow her around with a wheelchair in case she started to fall. But Arizona caught on and told her “stalker” to buzz off. It wasn’t moments later that, of course, she fell. Karev cleared the room for what he thought would be a crying, embarrassed Arizona, but instead, she was laughing about it all. “I was so proud of myself for getting through today,” she told Karev, and there’s no doubt that that is quite the feat. Near the end of the episode, Callie walked in on Arizona at home with Sofia, bouncing her on her lap. “Oh, we’re having a little dance party!” she reported to her wife. What a glorious turnaround for a character who just weeks ago -- not to mention, at the beginning of the season -- was a total mess.

NEXT: Bailey’s wedding, a sad patient storyline, and Cristina’s metamorphosis

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