Grey's Anatomy recap: Moments Like This

The medical drama unspools one of its best episodes in recent memory, offering a bevy of touching, funny, dramatic, tingle-worthy moments
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 18, 2012

FINDING HER WAY Although she's still got problems with Owen (Kevin McKidd), Cristina (Sandra Oh) made some progress toward becoming friendly with other doctors at her new hospital in Minnesota

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Kepner and Avery’s makeout session. Wowza! This is just what I wanted, and the build up to it was perfectly metered out. I was dying for them to get back together, and finally -- after Avery rode Kepner hard for wanting to sweep what happened between them under the rug -- they had a passionate tango. Kepner was trying to be steely -- she claimed (a big nope!) to be “revirginizing” herself -- but Avery’s final speech got her back in his arms. “I am not going to pretend it didn’t happen,” he told her. “I can’t do that.” Yes! It was satisfying.

And there were other genius moments of this pair’s story last night. I find myself really reveling in Kepner’s insanity, and her dedication to it. “I’m revirginizing!” she told Avery in a cold moment. “It involves a lot of prayer, which I had time to do in Moline. It’s my second chance, Jackson, and I didn’t think I’d get one. I get to recommit myself to God. I can accept forgiveness and have a second chance. A do-over without all the mistakes!” It was all so nutty, so wrong, so right, and so Grey’s.

Again, bravo to the episode’s writer Zoanne Clack. Grey’s seems to really have some mojo going right now, despite all the tragedy recently.

There were probably tons of other great moments, ones which I didn’t mention here. What’d you think, Grey’s viewers? Did you like the episode as much as I did? Did you have moments that had you feeling tingly last night? Sound off in the comments below, with moments, thoughts, or any other relevant viewpoints you may have.

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