Grey's Anatomy recap: Moments Like This

The medical drama unspools one of its best episodes in recent memory, offering a bevy of touching, funny, dramatic, tingle-worthy moments
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 18, 2012

FINDING HER WAY Although she's still got problems with Owen (Kevin McKidd), Cristina (Sandra Oh) made some progress toward becoming friendly with other doctors at her new hospital in Minnesota

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Bailey’s microwave meltdown. I was laughing at Bailey the whole episode. She was such great comic relief! The scene where she was busily buzzing around the attendings lounge putting sticky notes -- "Clean out nasty food!” on the fridge; “This is not your bed” to Karev” -- had me doubling over with laughter. It was almost like The Nazi was back! And I loved her line to Webber about the reinstated Kepner going into surgery. “The closest that girl has been to an OR in months is -- what? -- the Moline Large Animal Vet. Her head is not in the game!”

But the real moment -- a great mixture of hilarious and heartfelt -- came when Bailey was maniacally cleaning out the attendings lounge microwave, which was covered in splattered, cooked food. “It is a horror movie inside this microwave!” she bellowed, as Webber approached. “It is a horror movie!” That was the humor -- then came the drama, when Webber told her that she needed to channel her increased free time and energy into something productive, not microwave cleaning. “Hell, invent the Bailey Method! You gotta get out there and don’t look back.” Hopefully coming soon: good things for Bailey. With Ben gone and Tuck in kindergarten, she’s in need of a good, meaty storyline. Bring it!

Cristina makes friends with Mr. Feeny. I don’t know what his real character name is, and I don’t know that I care to figure it out. But Cristina -- locked away in Minnesota -- really made some progress with her fellow heart surgeon, played by the same guy who played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World.  They really seemed to connect! I was especially touched by those final moments when Mr. Feeney told her that he, too, had been in a plane crash in Vietnam and then offered her a cigarette, even though he doesn’t smoke. “Seems like everything kills you these days,” he said.

Cristina’s storylines also produced a bevy of other delightful moments. I loved it when, in the OR, Mr. Feeney -- okay, let’s call him Dr. Feeney -- had just explained why he did the surgery the way he did. And then said, “This way Bo Bo has a chance at life.” It was Cristina who -- under her breath -- corrected him with the patient’s real name: Pop Pop. She knew it! She was paying attention! There were other touching moments to Cristina’s story that were hilarious: the tater-tot hot dish stuff with Pop (maybe you only love that if you’re from the Midwest?); when her boss (you know, Rex from Desperate Housewives) accused her of just Googling the Mall of America and jeggings; and when she told Rex that she was “laughing, just not externally.” See what I mean about the moments? The mix of laughs and drama? It was so great last night.

One addendum to Cristina’s storyline that I feel needs to be addressed is: When is she coming back to Seattle? Like, it better be soon. I’m totally into her traipsing off to become a more whole person, but she’s going to be needed back at Seattle Grace before too long. It’s just weird for her to be away for too long. Am I right?

Alex’s dance with his new intern. Alex’s storyline wasn’t as pronounced or delicious but it eventually had a nice moment. The surly doctor spent most of the hour giving his spritely new intern Jo mundane tasks, until she finally convinced him to take her seriously -- mostly because she dished his stupid, sleep-with-the-interns tactic right back into his face. “I have absolutely no interest in you since you’ve already screwed every one of my friends.” It certainly wasn’t as powerful as the rest of the episode, but it was definitely a good moment.

NEXT: Kepner and Avery get sexy, yes!

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