Grey's Anatomy recap: Moments Like This

The medical drama unspools one of its best episodes in recent memory, offering a bevy of touching, funny, dramatic, tingle-worthy moments
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 18, 2012

FINDING HER WAY Although she's still got problems with Owen (Kevin McKidd), Cristina (Sandra Oh) made some progress toward becoming friendly with other doctors at her new hospital in Minnesota

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But it was the particularly sharp Derek who convinced them all to rethink and consider letting things play out without a settlement. “We can’t do this,” he said, in a moving speech. “I saw the plane. I went to the hangar, and I saw the pieces of our plane laid out on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle. If we agree to settle, they do the investigation. We can’t do anything with the results. We can’t stand by and let this happen to other people’s Lexies and Marks. We have to do something about this, we have to make this right.” Talk about a bullet to the chest! And Derek convinced the other doctors, led by an impassioned Callie, who had previously seemed the most willing to take the cash. “Derek’s right!” she told the sputtering lawyer, who was inclined to get the doctors to sign on the dotted line. “We shouldn’t take the money. We can’t take it!”

And that decision by the doctors brought in my favorite, Meredith, with her sage wisdom at the end of the episode. It was spine-chilling to me, in so many ways -- the words she spoke could have so many meanings, depending on what’s going on in your life. “When we follow our hearts,” she said, with her usual measured feeling, “when we choose not to settle, it’s funny, isn’t it? A weight lifts, the sun shines a little brighter, and for a brief moment at least, we find a little peace.” Wow, how powerful is that? I’m inclined to print that on some fancy paper and post it on any surface that I look at on a regular basis. (Read: I’m single. All I have is affirmations like that, people. This satiates some weird part of me.)

Callie and Arizona’s unexpected shower. Um, ohhh-emmm-geee! These two generally get me going because I love what they are together so much, but last night, things went to a new, dark, dirty, fed-up level that was so bad it was good. It had to happen. Since we first saw her this season in the premiere, Arizona has been super surly -- as we learned, because wifey Callie made the decision to amputate her leg in the wake of the plane crash without her consultation. (To be fair, it seemed that the unconscious Arizona was going to die if Callie didn’t make such a decision.) So when things came to a head this episode, things really came to a head. Callie came home to discover Arizona sitting in her own urine in the bathroom, which led to a scene where Callie was (somewhat violently) hoisting Arizona into the shower and screaming, simply, “This is my life now, too!” And it seemed that Arizona finally got it: She wasn’t the only one affected by her leg amputation. Callie was living with the effects of it, too. Maybe that realization will lead Arizona to figure out a way to carry on? Here’s hoping.

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