Grey's Anatomy recap: All Of A Sudden

All of the core couples reach crucial crossroads as a storm brews in Seattle
Ep. 23 | Aired May 9, 2013

FACE-TO-FACE Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) disagree about how much she should be working with only three weeks until her due date.

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And in honor of people wearing pants in this episode, Richard finally figured out how to deal with his work-wife drama. After Bailey refused to help Hunt in the exploding OR, Richard decided to rip off the band-aid. Bailey's work-husband informed her that he was her boss and that the hospital was not in need of any more file clerks, so she could "Either be a surgeon or get the hell out because we don't need you." It seemed harsh, but Richard and Bailey have been work-married for a long time, guys. And clearly he has paid attention, because Bailey headed straight to the OR board to put her name back in the mix.

One person who wasn't back in the mix was Alex, who, after witnessing Matthew's proposal to April, couldn't help but contemplate his love life. Somehow, April found the male version of herself and yet "I get crazy, cancer, and psychopathic maniac." Luckily, Alex had his dark-and-twisty friend next to him to convince him not to walk away. The way Meredith put it was downright poetic: "Maybe Jo's crazy fits your crazy." Besides, what was Alex planning to do to Jason when he first showed up at his house? Well played, Mer. Well played. But Mer wasn't the only one who had tricks up her sleeve. When Jason woke up and started asking for the police, Alex was quick not to blackmail him... but rather threaten him. Alex name-dropped some of his friends, who just so happened to own the hospital (The Grey-Sloan 7!), and then he told Jason a little bit about how this was all going to look for him. Basically, if people hear his story, all they're going to hear is that he hit a girl. He didn't take the punches. He didn't walk away. He hit back. And now he's "a guy who hits girls." The story, at least for now, seemed to work. But Derek, who overheard the threat, wasn't convinced that Alex should feel "good" about anything.

As the storm picked up outside — Surprise! The weathermen were wrong, and the storm is early! — Alex went home to confront Jo. And when he confessed that he didn't think she was horrible, she asked why he would have gone to Jason's for her. "Why wouldn't I?" might be the sweetest three words Alex Karev ever muttered. But the moment was short-lived when a tree came through the living room. I know what you're thinking: Both Alex and Jo were fine. And as Meredith's voiceover reminded us, "The bad things come suddenly with no warning, but we forget that sometimes, that's how the good things come too." And what was good about the doctors setting up cots to stay at the hospital through the storm? How about the fact that Meredith's water broke?! Hopefully, we will soon be welcoming a beautiful baby boy (with amazing hair) into the — literally — dark-and-twisty world of Seattle.

So the storm came three days early, and Meredith's baby is coming three weeks early. Is there a third something coming our way? And what is happening to all of our favorite couples? Are Jackson and April done? What about Cristina and Owen? And will Callie and Arizona recover from infidelity? What's going to happen with Meredith giving birth once the hospital loses power? And will Jo and Alex just make out already?!

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