Grey's Anatomy recap: All Of A Sudden

All of the core couples reach crucial crossroads as a storm brews in Seattle
Ep. 23 | Aired May 9, 2013

FACE-TO-FACE Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) disagree about how much she should be working with only three weeks until her due date.

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Speaking of eye contact, what was with Arizona looking at Lauren when Matthew mentioned feeling "a shock" when he first saw April? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the blond lesbians totally bonded over cyber-stalking, a shared mentor, and a need to be in control, like, all the time. And what happened when two control freaks spent their day flirting and operating? First, a baby got its brains put back inside its head, which is always a good thing. And second, they made-out. Correction: They lost control completely and slept together in the on-call room! Poor Callie. For the second time now, her spouse has cheated on her. All I know is that I would not want to be Lauren when Callie finds out. Also, is Lauren the new Sloan? Jackson mentioned how she made him feel like he could do anything, a trait that he last saw in Sloan. And now she's coming between Callie and Arizona with her flirtaciousness and sexual vibes. As much as I'd prefer to see Mark with his shirt off, I have to admit that Lauren's hot.

However, Lauren can't officially become the new Mark until she befriends Derek, who spent the episode teaching Brooks not to say things like "grody" — and really not to be weird in general — and trying to save the lives of both Chest Peckwell and Ethan's father. Or rather, he was trying to wake Ethan's father up after Cristina found a new clot in his brain. Yes, I said Ethan. Because the kid is still around. Or at least he was.

After Owen asked Meredith about adoption and confessed that he really wanted Ethan, we learned that Derek's surgery had been a success (and also that Brooks was a neuro rockstar). Owen wasn't going to get a brand new 10 year-old after all, and his response was not everything Cristina was hoping it would be. The chief of surgery very abruptly told Cristina to transfer Ethan and his real father to Seattle Presbyterian, which prompted Meredith to tell Cristina all about Owen's confessions. I'm not liking the way this is looking. Do we really think that Ethan's dad is going to make it? If not, will Owen file adoption papers?

But even though Owen wasn't getting a new kid  -- at least not right now -- it seemed like Meredith and Derek might get a healthy baby boy after all ... might. When Owen kicked Meredith out of the potentially explosive OR, she was left to deal with Alex and Jo. And after telling Jo that she "liked" her but that she "loved" Alex, she took a bit of a tumble on the stairs thanks to her "Jersey cow"-esque center of gravity. But don't freak out! She went to OB to be checked out, and nothing appeared to be wrong with the baby. The only unusual thing that the situation ended up prompting was Derek saying four words he'd never said before: "Put your pants on."

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