Grey's Anatomy recap: All Of A Sudden

All of the core couples reach crucial crossroads as a storm brews in Seattle
Ep. 23 | Aired May 9, 2013

FACE-TO-FACE Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) disagree about how much she should be working with only three weeks until her due date.

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While Derek ran around the hospital dealing with a catastrophe, Owen was busy prepping for one. The weathermen claimed that there was a serious storm about three days out, which meant that the hospital had to be ready for a large number of incoming traumas. Bailey, still not ready to enter an OR for fear of killing yet another patient, volunteered to print out hard copies of all of the patient charts in case the hospital lost power. Everyone else canceled elective procedures, and April was put in charge of stocking the ER full of life-saving goodies. But when a patient came in with multiple metal rods through his body, April fought for her chance in the OR. With very little time (but how much?) until she retakes her boards, April was feistier than ever.

But that feistiness only helped her for so long. After realizing that the "human shish kabob'"s surgery required a 4.5-inch angle grinder with a cut-off wheel (duh!), Owen and Ben stepped in and evacuated everyone they could from the OR. Let the season 2 flashbacks begin! Apparently, the sparks from the grinder could have combined with the oxygen in the room and caused an explosion. As Meredith put it, "I've been through something like this before." And how did it end? "Not great." Yea, tell that to poor Dillon, the bomb squad guy. R.I.P.

Back to the action! After the OR was evacuated, Owen, Ben, Callie and April were left to save one construction worker's life. Meredith got kicked out after Ben informed her that the difference between she and Callie being mothers was that Callie "didn't bring hers to the OR with her today." I've missed Ben, and not just for his good looks. He did kind of save the day here, bravely coming up with a plan and stomping out a lot of sparks, which NO ONE ran from like they were supposed to. But everything worked out for all involved, well, except for April. After the surgeons seemed to be out of harm's way, Owen immediately sent her back to her secretarial duties in prepping for the storm, and she was not happy about it. At all.

However, her frown would soon turn upside down when she realized why Owen had kicked her out of surgery. After being called outside to handle an oncoming trauma, a number of paramedics and what I think were past patients started a flashmob. It quickly became obvious that Matthew was making his move. And when he popped the question to a near-sobbing April in the parking lot, she accepted. It was a sweet moment, right up until April made eye contact with Jackson and nothing felt right in the world anymore.

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