Grey's Anatomy recap: Just Like Magic

A fresh face catches Arizona's attention, Bailey can't let go of what happened, and Jo's new relationship hits a breaking point
Ep. 22 | Aired May 2, 2013

ALL SMILES Lauren Boswell (Hilarie Burton) is a craniofacial specialist flown in for a special case. When she's not working, she enjoys flirting with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

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Now to the good stuff — did you like how I saved the big spoiler for the end? — after Alex saw Jo fighting with her boyfriend, he proceeded to Joe's to have a drink. But by the time he got back home, Jo was sitting on his porch. And after he gave her a talk about how she was "killing" him and how he was trying to avoid her, she looked up and revealed bruises on her face. Just for public record, I would like to say: I SO CALLED THIS. When I saw Jo and Jason fighting in the hospital, I thought we were going to see him push her or something right then and there. No guy really walks around in pink scrubs and is that bright and shiny... not in this world. The episode ended when Jo asked to stay with Alex. And now, I have so many questions. Is Alex and his tough-as-nails exterior going to beat the crap out of Jason? Who would actually win that fight? Or is Jo going to turn all dark now? She CANNOT go crazy. Alex literally cannot handle any more of that. My head is spinning, but I'm also very excited. You gotta love a defensive man. Although part of me hopes Jo beats the crap out of Peckwell herself (girl power!).

The end of the episode left us with a simple message: "Most everything can be survived." Did that give you guys hope for Dr. Bailey? How long do you think before she returns to surgery, if she returns at all? Speaking of "how long" questions, how long before Alex says those three little words?! And did that mean that Jo will get through this? Other things that message could apply to: Will Derek and Meredith's baby be okay? Will it be a "monster?" Not literally, of course. And what is next in the Ethan-Owen-Cristina saga? It is definitely shaping up like Owen will take Ethan in, but I'm not convinced that Cristina will ever change her mind about kids, even a grown(ish) one.

Hit the comments with your every thought! And don't forget about the flirtation between April and Jackson this week. Are they going to be able to ignore their passion for much longer?!

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