Grey's Anatomy recap: Just Like Magic

A fresh face catches Arizona's attention, Bailey can't let go of what happened, and Jo's new relationship hits a breaking point
Ep. 22 | Aired May 2, 2013

ALL SMILES Lauren Boswell (Hilarie Burton) is a craniofacial specialist flown in for a special case. When she's not working, she enjoys flirting with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

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With Meredith and Richard handling the not-so-magically-sawed-in-half woman, Derek spent his day helping a young girl's brain do something complicated that I only half understood. There was something about blood flow. The important lesson was that magic can be used to strike fear in the hearts of little kids. And when that fails, bring up vampires. Works every time, right Brooks?

But let's get back to the super flirtatious new doctor in town, who walked around the hospital eyeing Arizona, charming Callie into falling in love with her (only figuratively, don't freak out) and making Jackson jealous that he didn't get to operate more. But more than anything, she made Arizona stutter. And when the two ended their day with an elevator chat — which made me extremely nervous given this show's history with elevators — Arizona finally told Lauren that she was married. "Also, I have one leg," Arizona said, I think hoping to scare Lauren away. But it's hard to scare someone away who knows how to do a thorough Google search. Lauren simply informed Arizona that she already knew about the leg, because (fun fact!) there is only one "Arizona Robbins" on the Internet. Uh oh.

Back outside the door to the Nazi's lair, Richard finally made the call — he got Ben to fly into town. And with the return of her smokin' hot husband, Bailey finally opened the door and let someone in, both physically and emotionally. She told him about her incessant testing of herself and how she couldn't shake the feeling that she was still "dirty" no matter how many tests read "negative." Bailey broke down, repeating that "They all died because of me." Lucky for her, Ben's number one job is to be there for her, which meant she finally had a shoulder to cry on. You know, one that hadn't called the CDC on her.

At the end of the work day, while Alex and Jackson headed to Joe's bar (after witnessing a heated argument between Jo and Jason), Derek and Meredith headed home to have some fictional tea with their adorable daughter. Derek, in a tiara, and Meredith, in tiger ears, discussed the perfection that was Zola and contemplated the idea that the new baby could be mean to her. He might steal her toys, which was an idea that didn't sit well with papa McDreamy. But when all else failed to calm him, he reverted back to performing his best British accent and enjoying another cup of tea (pinky up, of course).

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