Grey's Anatomy recap: Just Like Magic

A fresh face catches Arizona's attention, Bailey can't let go of what happened, and Jo's new relationship hits a breaking point
Ep. 22 | Aired May 2, 2013

ALL SMILES Lauren Boswell (Hilarie Burton) is a craniofacial specialist flown in for a special case. When she's not working, she enjoys flirting with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

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The other person not in the mood to chat in this episode? Alex. Well, he didn't want to chat with Jo, the girl he couldn't escape despite wearing a hoodie and listening to what Cristina called the "soundtrack of your broken heart." And so, for the rest of the episode, Alex, his "bummer face" and his "little broken heart" — all nicknames courtesy of Cristina — kept running into Jo while simultaneously trying to hide his feelings for her. It all culminated when she confronted him about him telling Jason about her past and such, but Alex made it clear that he was "sick of crazy chicks with problems," and as far as Jo's problems were concerned, he was out. To be fair, Alex has dealt with way, let me repeat, way too many "crazy chicks" in his life. But in the spirit of being fair, I don't think Jo is one of them.

However, this episode did feature a number of crazy chicks, which came in the form of two college girls who didn't seem to care at all that their friend has burned a hole in her stomach drinking something called a "smoking nipple" at a bar on her 21st birthday. Okay, it hasn't been very long since I was in college, but I have never heard of this drink. According to April, it contains liquid nitrogen. Is this a new trend? And if so, how do we put a stop to it?

Basically, the drunk girls were more obsessed with Jackson's good looks than the health of their bestie, and they ended up getting an earful from April, who went all smart nerd on them and encouraged them to "be awesome" and "aspire to greatness." Feisty nerd April might be my favorite version of her, and I don't think I'm alone in that. I saw the way Jackson was looking at her. He even considered blowing off Stephanie to go get a drink with April... for a second. But instead, he ended up making out with Stephanie at Joe's (where he ended up going with Alex anyway?) after she gave him a speech about how they hadn't hung out in 11 days and he needed to treat her better. I'm sorry, but if he forgot about seeing you two nights in a row, one super hot kiss is not going to change anything.

While all the baby couples worked out their issues, Owen and Cristina were still dealing with Ethan's family saga. And believe it or not, things got more complicated. Cristina dedicated herself to waking up Ethan's dad (probably so that Owen wouldn't decide to become a replacement father if he hadn't already), while Owen continued to play soccer with Ethan and help him through his crisis. But after Owen sent Ethan home with his grandmother, he learned the hard way that Ethan really didn't have anyone looking after him when he showed up back at the hospital in an ambulance. He had overdosed on his grandmother's sleeping pills. Oh, and Cristina's idea for waking Ethan's dad up failed. AND THEN Ethan's grandmother told Owen that she couldn't take him because she has cataracts and it's all just too much. As much as I want this kid to catch a break, he is hurting Owen and Cristina, and Cristina knew it. When she mentioned the elephant in the room at the end of the episode: "You've changed. You want a kid, don't you?" Owen convincingly responded, "I want you." But the looks on their faces after they kissed said more than any three words could, and things did not look good.

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