Grey's Anatomy recap: Don't Wake The Monster

The CDC investigates Bailey, Meredith talks giving birth, and Alex wrestles with his feelings for Jo
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

THE THIRD DEGREE Bailey (Chandra Wilson) explains each step of her surgeries to a CDC representative.

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After hearing Richard's comment, Bailey demanded to know the results of her staph infection test. And when she barged into the board meeting, nobody stopped her. Jackson might have tried, but he was out-voted. The CDC had concluded its investigation. Yes, Bailey was a carrier of staph. But no, she was not the culprit. The hospital had switched glove manufacturers during the Pegasus debacle, which resulted in them using defective gloves that basically had tiny holes in them. And as the doctors breathed a sigh of relief, Bailey didn't take any comfort in the fact that she had still killed two people. Outside on a bench with Richard — who wasn't aware that Bailey overheard him earlier — she informed him that she had stood by him when he was a drunk, and that he was too busy protecting the hospital to protect her. "You are not who I thought you were," Bailey said as she walked away. Oh no, I hate it when my favorite work-couple fights!

With the CDC investigation complete, Callie and Arizona shut up their little mini-journalist by giving her a 12-hour lead on the hospital's official press release, which was very sweet. But not everyone was as happy as the high schooler was about receiving new information. Jo found Alex and pretty much broke up with him (friendship-wise). Turns out, Jason didn't know about her childhood and now, Alex can't "talk about me or to me, ever," according to Jo. We'll see how long that lasts.

Cristina, after helping with her patient's C-section and realizing that Mer would be more traumatized by pooping on the table than she would be by seeing it, agreed to be in the delivery room with Meredith, which Derek will allow. Ugh, the man is the best husband. But despite the fact that Cristina was a good friend, things weren't looking great for her relationship with Owen. In a very telling moment, Owen decided to stay at the hospital with Ethan (again), even after Cristina told him that if roles were reversed, she would go home. If Ethan's dad doesn't wake up soon, things could get really ugly for our favorite divorced couple.

And in one last bit of couple news, Jackson finally stood up for himself with April, telling her that he was "never going to be sorry" that they slept together. And just in time for April to get lost in his eyes, stupid Matthew showed up to apologize for his actions. Once again, all together now: "NOOO!!!"

But fear not, the best part of the episode was the end, when Alex showed up in Cristina's doorway and the two seemingly became friends. Alex confessed that he loves Jo (yay!), and after climbing in bed with Cristina in a completely platonic on-top-of-the-covers way (which was so wrong it was right), Cristina told him about her Owen problems: "I think I'm losing Owen.... not today, but soon."

As Bailey's voiceover put it, "The monster's awake now, and there's nothing you can do about it."

So what do you all think the "monster" is for each character? Bailey's is clearly doubting her place at the hospital. Owen's monster is definitely his desire for kids. Alex's is his love for Jo. April's seems to be her love for Jackson, maybe? What about everyone else? And what does the "monster's awake now" mean for the future of our docs and their many relationships?

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