Grey's Anatomy recap: Don't Wake The Monster

The CDC investigates Bailey, Meredith talks giving birth, and Alex wrestles with his feelings for Jo
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

THE THIRD DEGREE Bailey (Chandra Wilson) explains each step of her surgeries to a CDC representative.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Back in the interrogation room, Bailey started to grow weary of the process. She tried to turn the tables on her interviewer by asking, "Did you put the cap on the toothpaste this morning?" Of course, he didn't remember. So how was she supposed to remember every detail of two routine surgeries?! Well, he didn't see it that way, and so Bailey asked to take a break. Meredith found her old mentor in the cafeteria and tried to help her out, but Jackson caught her before she could show Bailey her patient's chart. That Jackson was so sneaky.

Another sneaky individual within the hospital? Arizona and Callie's patient, the high school journalist who was looking for her big break. As a victim from family two's great tug-of-war battle, the curious young girl caught wind of the Bailey-CDC drama, and all she could see was a front page story of the New York Times. Callie and Arizona knocked her out (literally, for surgery) to buy themselves more time.

Moving to family number one: When Ethan's mom seized while eating some ice cream, Derek rushed her to surgery. Sadly, she never even made it to the operating room. Ethan's mom died in the elevator. And while I do understand how sad this was, was anyone else distracted by the fact that Owen was able to calm down the kid and run up multiple flights of stairs before the elevator doors even opened?! All that soccer must have gotten him into cheetah-like shape.

Across the hospital, the much slower Richard was dealing with a life-or-death situation as he tried desperately to save Bailey's second patient. To do so, Richard had to convince the patient that the infection "came from one doctor and one doctor alone," which was a lie, but what Richard didn't know was that Bailey was right around the corner and heard every word. Everyone together now: "NOOO!!!"

Okay, okay, I have to put you Alex-Jo shippers out of your misery. Well, sort of. After Cristina talked their patient into going through with her C-section (did somebody just decide to help Mer deliver?!), Jason and Alex completed a surgery, which was followed by a quick chat between the handsome men. Jason tried to clear the air, and Alex was quick to explain that he and Jo were only friends who had bonded about their messed-up childhoods. The catch: Jason definitely didn't look like he knew anything about Jo's childhood. Whoops.

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