Grey's Anatomy recap: Don't Wake The Monster

The CDC investigates Bailey, Meredith talks giving birth, and Alex wrestles with his feelings for Jo
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

THE THIRD DEGREE Bailey (Chandra Wilson) explains each step of her surgeries to a CDC representative.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Back to Bailey! I quickly knew things were a little off in this episode when I spotted Bailey in a pencil skirt and heels. The Nazi couldn't exactly march around in her usual confident way with all of those tight clothes on. But Bailey had to look professional for her meeting, also known as her interrogation. Bailey spent the episode across from a CDC representative, recounting every last detail of both of her surgeries to the very stoic man. Cue the surgery flashbacks! We got to see each moment of Bailey's surgeries (sometimes a little too closely) as she stated time and time again, sometimes with hesitation, that she did everything perfectly. Fun fact: In order to properly scrub in, Bailey sings Aretha Franklin's "Think" two times through, meaning that she scrubs for 4:36 before each surgery. Who knew?

Stepping away from Bailey and into the relationship/parenting drama of the episode, Matthew dumped April, and she decided to blame Jackson, because, you know, he swiped her V card. Poor Jackson now had six people against him. And as one of those people against Jackson, Meredith spent her time avoiding him and instead trying to persuade Cristina to be in the delivery room with her when she gives birth. According to Mer, she wants a natural birth and is worried that Derek would be too preoccupied with taking care of her to fulfill her wishes. She did have a point with that one. But as much as Cristina would love to help, she was not a fan of the idea of watching her best friend poop on the table. As Cristina so eloquently put it, the twisted sisters have remained so close through the years "by not watching each other poop." Also, did Alex just say, "Holla?"

Alright, that's enough with our docs! The patient drama of the episode revolved around two families. First up, Ethan was still in the hospital. His dad was unconscious, so the young ginger hung out with his mom, his grandma, and his babysitter, the older ginger, Owen Hunt. The second family was a little larger, but they had a lot fewer fingers. Long story short: A family reunion got a little crazy when Uncle Al recommended a game of tug-of-war using a clothes line. Ouch.

Speaking of the older ginger, when Owen wasn't kicking the soccer ball around with Ethan, he invited Cristina to the on-call room, but his ex-wife was a little busy. She did however have time to catch him up on the idea that Meredith wanted her in the delivery room. Did anyone else see Owen's baby-loving eyes light up at this idea? According to him, "Watching a baby be born is like seeing God in person," which just didn't quite make sense to me. Who's your source here, Owen? Plus, Cristina wasn't buying it. She, like most people, prefers to enter rooms after everyone has control of their bowels, which sounded reasonable enough.

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