Grey's Anatomy recap: Be Careful What You Ask For

Meredith and Bailey face uncertain futures, and everyone joins together to help two Syrian doctors in need of supplies
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 4, 2013

BACK TO BASICS Owen (Kevin McKidd) gets an update from the attendings while Cristina (Sandra Oh), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) continue to experiment with surgery ideas for their Syrian friends.

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With Cristina designated the official cool aunt, Meredith dealt with picking one of Derek's sisters to act as her kids' legal guardian. Meanwhile, Bailey was still running around the hospital complaining about the interns. But this time, she had something legitimate to complain about. When two of Bailey's post-op patients showed back up at the hospital with some pretty nasty infections, Leah realized that she might have made a mistake. During both surgeries, Leah had been sick, but like many doctors before her, she didn't stay home. And now, her head was on the chopping block with Bailey wielding a mighty blade.

But after a third patient showed up with an infection, Leah was ordered to research every patient she physically touched during her illness. And when the first patient died, it looked like Bailey was going to decapitate Leah herself ... until Leah's research revealed new information. Leah had only touched two of those patients. The only person who touched all three? Bailey. I cannot describe how much I am freaking out over this. What is going to happen to Bailey, you guys?! And on another note, I think this call for Ben's return, right? Right?!

Back to the action: Just as intern Leah saved her own butt, intern Shane lost his battle for Derek's heart -- or rather, guidance. After killing himself all episode to prove that he was better than Brooks, Shane was left in the dust after Derek told him the rather harsh truth. Apparently, Brooks had an instinct for neuro that Shane didn't, and in the world of medicine, instinct trumped both passion and hard work. With that, Derek said goodbye to precious Shane. I think everyone can agree that having McDreamy break up with you -- personally or professionally -- would be the worst.

And Shane wasn't the only one getting dumped. After April bonded with a Syrian doctor who convinced her to be honest, she finally told Matthew -- who had flown his mother into town to meet his new girlfriend -- the truth about her not-so-pure self. Despite her best efforts to tell him all about the war in Syria to give him some perspective, Matthew couldn't look past her lying. As he put it, "Even people in war value honesty." Ouch. And when April stopped by a little later to see if he had cooled off, she learned that in Matthew's world, non-virgins do not get to meet mothers. Sorry, April. Hey, you already know Jackson's mom. I'm just putting that out there.

NEXT: Derek as a bald heroin addict?!

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