Grey's Anatomy recap: Be Careful What You Ask For

Meredith and Bailey face uncertain futures, and everyone joins together to help two Syrian doctors in need of supplies
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 4, 2013

BACK TO BASICS Owen (Kevin McKidd) gets an update from the attendings while Cristina (Sandra Oh), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) continue to experiment with surgery ideas for their Syrian friends.

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As soon as Owen, Arizona and April realized the severity of the Syrian doctors' situation, they cleared the schedules of just about all of their top attendings, who they gathered to come up with ways to do procedures with only the supplies the Syrian doctors had on location. They then sat down with the Syrian doctors, one by one, and taught them new ways to save lives with next to nothing. To give you an adequate feel for the situation: There was duct tape involved ... but not anesthesia.

OK, that's enough war-time talk for now. How about we switch gears, much like Owen did, to part two of Ethan (the kid from last week)'s story? The good news was that Ethan's mom finally woke up, and this time, she remembered her son. The bad news was that Ethan's dad still wasn't awake. And the really bad news, for Cristina, was that Owen couldn't seem to let the kid go. At this point, it looked like more than just two fellow gingers bonding. Owen went into full-blown guardian mode, even going so far as to choose the kid over sex and then get Arizona to admit him for no reason so that he didn't have to go with social services. And as Cristina reminded us in this episode, the whole kid thing is not in her future.

After Meredith decided that her will needed updating -- Lexi was still listed as Zola's legal guardian -- she told Derek that she wanted Cristina to be Lexi's replacement. Derek quickly reminded her that Cristina wasn't exactly a fan of children, to which she responded, "This isn't children. It's Zola and fetus." The fact that Meredith called her unborn son "fetus" would be slightly weird for anyone else, but I found it oddly endearing. Sorry, back to Cristina. When Mer took her out for coffee in a nearby park I did not recognize, Cristina agreed to hire a herd of super-organized German nannies to take care of the kids. So basically, Cristina admitted she was more of the cool aunt and less of the mom. As she put it, she will take the kids three weeks a year so that they can travel, get clean tattoos and learn how to put a condom on a cucumber. I'm pretty sure that if you look up the definition of a cool aunt in the dictionary, those are the three activities you will find listed.

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