Grey's Anatomy recap: Follow Your Intuition

The doctors are forced to trust themselves after a tanker accident leads to complicated surgeries
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 28, 2013

MANNY Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) asks Cristina (Sandra Oh) about the whereabouts of a young boy's mother.


While we're talking about couples, Alex and Jason finally found themselves face-to-face after Alex interrupted yet another face-sucking session with Jo. Alex had told April that he would get Chest Peckswell to break the bad news to her patient's significant other, but the man that Stephanie (she returned!) had called charming and sensitive said no. He plain and simply refused to help Alex break the news to the poor guy, saying that he had passed that patient off. How sensitive does he look now, Steph? Little tip, Jason: You know you made a bad call when Alex Karev calls you an "assface," which, ironically, is a better nickname than Chest Peckswell.

Love triangle drama aside, a bunch of the docs met up at Joe's while Callie was busy not making it to the TED conference. Those darn crises always get in the way, don't they? Luckily, Richard was able to pull some strings, and he and Arizona found a random tech guy to help them set up a live video stream, where Callie put down her notes and made the topic of cartilage more personal. Callie played the I've-had-a-difficult-year card, which worked, when she described how cartilage made her think about "what holds us together when things fall apart." Poetic, right?

And that was that. After a very long day at work, Cristina headed home, Meredith headed to get mapped, and Owen followed his gut right back to young Ethan, who was waiting for his parents to wake up. Fun fact: Hunt used to play soccer.

So what do you guys make of things? Is April going to stick with Matthew, or will she follow the universe's clues and run back to Jackson sometime soon? And what's going to come of this Shane-Brooks non-feud feud? Did this remind anyone else of the competitiveness of our favorite intern class? And do we think Meredith is going to be next in line for Alzheimer's?

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