Grey's Anatomy recap: Follow Your Intuition

The doctors are forced to trust themselves after a tanker accident leads to complicated surgeries
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 28, 2013

MANNY Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) asks Cristina (Sandra Oh) about the whereabouts of a young boy's mother.


Moving away from the tanker accident, there was another Grey's specialty in this episode: the mystery case. I was really glad to see this story worked in, because I miss the days of the doctors not being able to figure out what was wrong with a patient. Remember the rhythmic gymnast, a.k.a. Meredith and Derek's first patient together? Or what about the penis fish? Now that was cool. This week, we discovered something called Kawasaki disease, which is fun to say, but not so fun to live with.

Guest star Sarah Chalke played a very dedicated mother, whose son was experiencing a very high fever (along with other symptoms) that no doctor seemed to be able to figure out. Luckily for her, she found Meredith Grey, who knew a thing or two about a mother's intuition. With Jo as her intern, Meredith attempted everything she could think of to help this little boy. As she put it, she owned the hospital and would do whatever she wanted. And so she did.

But it wasn't until a strep test result was updated as having been a false positive that Meredith realized that, sometimes, Google really does have all the answers. Kawasaki disease, which was something the boy's mother had found on the Internet (and involved red eyes), was in fact the final diagnosis. And because they caught it on day 10, the boy was saved from any permanent heart damage (I think) and was back to drawing pictures in no time. That medicine really works some magic, amirite?

However, medicine can't help stupidity, so after her patient set himself on fire and therefore became somebody else's patient, Bailey went right back to the place that she had spent the last week: her genome lab. If she left that room, she was in serious danger of people requesting to be "mapped." Richard wanted to know if he was going to get breast cancer. Callie wanted to know if she was going to get her dad's high cholesterol or her mom's bunions, and Meredith needed to know if she was going to get Alzheimer's as well as anything and everything about Zola. Bailey argued time and time again that her mapping was not a toy, but it did sound a lot like a scientific psychic to me. In the end, Meredith's request was the only one Bailey granted, probably because Zola was so darn cute.

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