Grey's Anatomy recap: Boy Oh Boy

The doctors work on balancing their roles as surgeons, board members, and even just plain old, everyday people
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 21, 2013

NIGHTY NIGHT Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pomeo) talk to their unborn child before going to bed.

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While I'm on the topic of Jackson, where was Stephanie this episode? Every other intern was accounted for, including Shane, who had to deal with the delicate (and sometimes dangerous) task of delivering difficult news to an upset parent during surgery. Although Derek ultimately had to save Shane from being physically assaulted by a distraught father, Shane learned something during his time with Derek -- how to impersonate him. Is anyone else starting to really enjoy the relationship between this pair? Derek could use a little guy time in his life, especially after he spent his day assuring Meredith that their baby was fine. His final tactic in calming her down? No, he didn't use the fly fishing story again -- he took his paranoid wife to get a sonogram, where the beautiful couple found out that they were (spoiler!) having a boy! Please let him have Derek's hair. Please.

As Derek and Meredith looked at their soon-to-be son, Callie also had a wish granted. After an emotional day in which Arizona allowed Callie -- sorry -- Dr. Torres to massage her leg for the first time, Arizona decided that Dr. Torres -- sorry -- Callie could continue the the bedroom. And you know who else was having sex? Jo and her new man. Well, he at least claimed that they were going to have sex, and in the bathroom of Joe's bar of all places. Now that is true love.

The moral of the episode seemed to be: Idle time is important so we can focus on something other than work and get perspective so that we can discover, according to the voiceover, "where our hands truly belong." For Meredith, where her hand truly belonged was interlaced with Derek's. Awww.

Are you all feeling confident that this whole doctors-run-the-hospital plan is going to work? And how long do we have to wait before April revisits the carnival? Better yet, how long before Alex admits his feelings for Jo? And finally, what do you think about Derek and Meredith having a boy? Is the baby going to be OK, or was Meredith's plan of fearing the worst really the best?

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