Grey's Anatomy recap: One Hospital, $175 Million

Time is running out as the doctors try to find an investor to save Seattle Grace
Ep. 16 | Aired Feb 21, 2013

OWNING THE ROOM Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Callie (Sara Ramirez), and Cristina (Sandra Oh) pitch their plan to a potential investor.


As soon as Castle told the team to get more administrative leadership experience, I screamed at the television: "RICHAARRDD!" The good news was that Meredith and I were on the same page. She suggested getting Richard involved just as Cristina volunteered Owen's help. At this point, Pegasus was going to sell the hospital for parts, so what's the harm in getting Owen involved? Back to the hospital they went!

Within the walls of Seattle Grace, the news had spread of Pegasus' intentions, and people were bummed (and rightfully so). Stephanie was considering following Jackson wherever he went. Apparently, his sex is greater than her job. Did anyone else think that Leah was actually funny in this episode? When Stephanie admitted to wanting to follow Jackson, she went to talk to him, and Leah informed her that "Every step you take is a giant leap backward for womankind." However, when Jackson and Stephanie finally did talk about the future, he informed her that it wouldn't be "the worst thing in the world" for them to end up near each other. Did things just get a whole lot more serious for these two!?

In the same vein, Jo broke down when she realized that losing Seattle Grace meant losing Alex, who turned out to be a pretty amazing teacher. Through her real tears she explained, "I don't want to never see you again." Despite my greatest efforts, I did not successfully will him to kiss her through the television. Sorry, guys.

Who am I forgetting? Oh right, April. She spent her afternoon sitting outside, feeling sorry for herself, and crying on a bench (I can't help but think of Izzie anytime they show that bench). This episode marked the return of the bench and the return of the walkway! Bailey finally admitted that she was the heart of the hospital. Key word: was. Then she met up with Richard on the walkway, where she also admitted that she always thought she would be the chief of surgery at some point. My favorite non-romantic duo then agreed to do one final surgery together "for the road." But Richard was pulled away in the middle of the surgery when Meredith showed up. And the Meredith-versus-Bailey saga continued! After Richard listened to Meredith's speech, he offered Team Derek every dime he had -- which was apparently $3 million -- but Meredith was more interested in his experience and general charisma.

NEXT: Wait, who's the boss?!

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