Grey's Anatomy recap: The Blind Leading the Blind

Pegasus goes head-to-head with the attendings of Seattle Grace to see who can buy the hospital first
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

BATTLE ROYALE Derek (Patrick Dempsey) confronted Cahill (Constance Zimmer) about the secretly planned vandalization of his "face of Seattle Grace" posters.

Out with the love/lust, in with the scheming! Derek got his financial advisor, Stan Grossberg, involved to help figure out if the docs could buy the hospital. To sum up the very complicated answer: It could happen. After luring Callie out to a van in the rain and scaring her half to death, Derek had Stan explain the situation. There was something about forming their own management company, getting hired by a foundation, and then becoming a new board of directors for the hospital? Basically, legally, it could be done. But financially? Eh, we're not sure. Good old Stan needed some documents in order to figure out the financial side of things, but when Cristina offered up Owen's help, it was quickly declined.

Due to some of the many papers Owen had signed, if he found out about the new plan, he would have to tell Pegasus or else face punishment (potentially jail time?). So Plan B involved Meredith and Derek invading a board room, "accidentally" knocking over a drink, and stealing some documents. It also involved Derek wanting to remarry his wife because "you're so hot when you're nefarious." And you, Derek, are so hot when you say things like nefarious! Am I right?

Nefarious Meredith aside, the new plan meant that Cristina had to keep everything from Owen, who spent the first part of the episode telling her how much he wanted things to work and how important it was that no one left the hospital. And after talking down a crowded room of very angry nurses and turning down Bailey for a surgery that would have saved a child's life, Owen had enough. Alone in an on-call room with Cristina, he finally admitted that Pegasus wouldn't be good for the hospital, but that saving the hospital was all on him because "I put you all on that plane," he said. And just in that moment, Pegasus decided it officially wanted to buy Seattle Grace. It was go time.

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