Grey's Anatomy recap: The Blind Leading the Blind

Pegasus goes head-to-head with the attendings of Seattle Grace to see who can buy the hospital first
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

BATTLE ROYALE Derek (Patrick Dempsey) confronted Cahill (Constance Zimmer) about the secretly planned vandalization of his "face of Seattle Grace" posters.

Enough about those scheming plane crash survivors. Let's get to the romance happening outside the hospital, where April had apparently found the male version of herself. Making out in the back of an ambulance, Matthew decided that he wanted to take April on a real date. You know, one without wheels and "where fewer people have bled to death." Ah, romance. And just as April agreed, Matthew started stuttering over his words in such an April fashion that I got a minor case of the heebie-jeebies. Is their compatibility cute or creepy? I'm not sure.

That being said, I am sure about the compatibility of Alex and Jo, and I am all for it. The best friends spent the episode taking care of a newborn baby whose parents didn't exactly care for each other. Two co-workers who accidentally stumbled into parenthood and described each other as the "complete asshat" and the "bitch on wheels" made for interesting parents. But at least they cared for their kid. Although treating their kid didn't really help Alex's chances with Jo, who decided that dating co-workers didn't work, and then changed her mind to go out on a date with the new OB resident, nicknamed Chest Peckwell, before the day's end. Alex had some competition...and he was cute.

Between Alex's situation and Jackson's, this episode seemed to be all about the residents regretting their actions with interns. First up, Alex clearly wished he had made a move on Jo, whereas Jackson clearly wished he hadn't made a move on a way. After April was asked on her super-romantic, non-bloody date, she went to Jackson for advice. They weren't sure how exactly to approach this new extended friendship thing, but they dipped their toes in. The result? Well, the water was a little icy. After April admitted her fear that Matthew would leave her when he found out she was a secondary virgin, Jackson assured her that he would be too busy worrying about her mental illness? Ouch.

Don't worry, Japril (is that a thing?) fans! Jackson's got a good (and very pretty) head on his shoulders. Before April left for her date with the guy that she "really likes," Jackson gave April a glimpse at his idea of romance. He told her, "Tell him who you are. If he doesn't get it, then you don't need him anyway." He convinced April to let Matthew get to know her. "Once he does, he's going to want to follow you anywhere. Trust me." And swoon.

Well, I swooned. April skipped the swooning part and went straight to her date, where she learned that Matthew was literally her clone. He admitted that he was saving himself for marriage. April decided not to bring up the Jackson thing just yet and instead kept things simple by saying, "I am too." After Jackson's speech, I don't know how much longer Stephanie and Jackson can last, especially because Stephanie talked about leaving the program to find a better learning environment. Then again, people on this show have very good track records of staying in crappy relationships in order to distract themselves from the people they really want (see seasons 1-4 in particular).

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