Grey's Anatomy recap: One Leg to Stand On

Arizona battles phantom leg syndrome, while a physician adviser arrives at Seattle Grace to cut costs
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 24, 2013

STABILIZING After several leg-related setbacks, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) finally reached a little bit of peace with her prosthetic.


A Seattle Grace without an ER seems nearly unimaginable -- where will the riveting, disaster-laced drama come from if that's gone from the show? Truly, the series will be rather different if there aren't huge, weird injuries rushing into the hospital at any moment. That's not to say that there couldn't still be weird cases to deal with -- there certainly can be those without an ER -- but without them just dropping in at any moment, the vibe will certainly morph into something different. Seattle Grace has been threatened before -- remember when it merged with Mercy West? -- and it has survived. Something tells me that closing the ER may happen for a minute, but that it won't be a permanent fix to the problems at the hospital. But stranger things have happened before, especially on Grey's.

The rest of the goings-on of the night were rather mundane: Derek miraculously fixed a brain tumor in an old patient of his, in his first surgery back since the plane crash; Meredith was raging (and, thus, crying) because of her pregnancy hormones and wanted to kill intern Ross because he kept screwing up; Kepner taught intern Edwards how to run the pit efficiently; and Avery was still rolling around with intern Edwards, even though they didn't get to actually do it. "I am too busy for this," she told him. "Thank you for understanding."

What'd you think of the episode, Grey's watchers? How are you feeling about all the focus on Arizona's leg? What suggestions do you have for Seattle Grace to save some money? And how cute is Kepner's new little love interest?

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