Grey's Anatomy recap: Seattle Grace Sinking?

The judge awards the plane-crash victims $15 million each, effectively shutting down Seattle Grace. Also: vajazzling!
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 17, 2013

SWEET LOVE Cristina (Sandra Oh) may have teased Kepner (Sarah Drew) about her romantic pining, but it became clear last night that Kepner is indeed still in love with Avery (Jesse Williams).

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But Catherine was there to help. A moment took place between these two star-crossed lovers that just made my heart melt. Catherine reached for Richard's hand, in a show of solidarity. "I would like to just hold your hand," she said, in comfort. "Would you let me do that? Could I just hold your hand?" It's clear that these two have a long way to go before getting back to where they were before Adele's death, but they're on the road to reconciliation. I'm glad that Richard has Catherine to help him grieve -- even if he doesn't think he's technically allowed -- and something in me knows that Adele, no matter what she might have really felt about Catherine, would be glad that he has her there, too. There's a real preciousness to the Richard/Catherine relationship that feels oddly appropriate.

There were many silly little storylines during the episode, but before I quickly get into those, let's talk about the last story of significance. It only was touched on briefly, but it's the continued romance between Avery and Kepner. "Are you still pining over Jackson?" Yang asked Kepner at the top of the episode. "April, April. Jackson is like a cookie. People wanna lose weight, they don't eat the cookie! But then you get so hung up on not having the cookie that their whole life is about the cookie." Kepner's response: "My whole life is not about the cookie."

But by the end of the episode -- which referenced the fact that Avery was still sleeping with intern gal Stephanie -- it was clear that her life was indeed all about the cookie. That crystallized when Avery approached Kepner to tell her that he was sleeping with Stephanie. She just said back: "I miss you. I just, I feel like, we were friends, and now everything is..." she trailed off. Avery suggested they remain friends. But Kepner wasn't having it: "You know what I'm thinking about right now? Kissing you," she admitted. "Standing here right now all I want to do is kiss you. So no, I'm not ready to be your friend yet." This lady Kepner is stronger than I ever would be in a similar situation. Jackson Avery was staring back at her with those eyes and those lips and -- you know what's under those scrubs -- that body? I wouldn't be able to hold myself back like her. "You're sure?" he asked. My goodness -- she has strength! What this whole exchange also proved is that this is one love story that's far from over. I want them to get back together, if only so we can see him shirtless again.

The rest of the storylines were silly or inconsequential. Avery worked on a old patient of Sloan's, a patient who needed another facial surgery in his quest to make his face look "normal." The surgery went great, and the only other note out of this whole situation is that intern Murphy found out that Stephanie has been sleeping with Avery. "How'd you know?" she asked after she admitted it to her. "I didn't. Now I do." That'll be around the hospital in about two seconds, for sure.

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