Grey's Anatomy recap: Seattle Grace Sinking?

The judge awards the plane-crash victims $15 million each, effectively shutting down Seattle Grace. Also: vajazzling!
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 17, 2013

SWEET LOVE Cristina (Sandra Oh) may have teased Kepner (Sarah Drew) about her romantic pining, but it became clear last night that Kepner is indeed still in love with Avery (Jesse Williams).

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It was a poignant moment, of course, to hear those words while the episode cut to that scene of the money-happy doctors, taking photos, excited about their $15 million each, Meredith's baby, and the forgiveness that was just granted to Chief Owen. Little did they know what was really happening back at the hospital! Presumably, they'll learn what's really going on by next week, and -- wow! -- what a wallop that's going to be.

Basically, it boils down to all of them getting their cash payouts -- but the price is that they (along with all of their pals) will lose their jobs. And, by proxy, the network/family/home they've built at Seattle Grace. Clearly, the whole "the hospital closes its doors" comment from board lady was for dramatic effect -- there's really no way that Seattle Grace will shut down. If it does, doesn't Grey's Anatomy as a whole shut down? Are we just being clued in that this is Grey's last season?!? No, I really don't think so. Shonda and Co. definitely have something up their sleeve to deal with this. Will the doctors forgo the payments? Give it all back to the hospital? Restart Seattle Grace somewhere else with their cash? Will Grey's move to another location? Should be interesting, regardless. Also, wondering: Is this the end of Owen? I honestly can't imagine that at all, but it seems like this is such a bungled situation where he'd have to not be chief going forward, no matter how much board lady said that they're behind him, if only to just save face.

One other important storyline of the night was the continued fallout from Adele's tragic death in last week's episode. It turns out that a month has passed since she passed, and Richard had made his way back to the hospital. But everyone there (except maybe Cristina) was worried about him. Meredith led the way, and confronted him about not doing any surgeries and sulking around the hospital. "Richard, I'm worried," she said. "I heard you haven't been operating." Even Catherine Avery showed up, and he rebuffed her after ignoring her messages for months: "I'm fine. I don't need your help. I need to be left alone. So please -- let me do what I'm doing."

It wasn't until Meredith confronted Richard again, as he cleared out a hospital room filled with his surgical achievements, that we found out what was eating away at him. "You know what I see when I look at the scissors Ron Newsome swallowed?" he said, while holding a jar with the instrument inside, his eyes filled with guilt. "I see the Thanksgiving I didn't take off. So I didn't join Adele in London." After giving a few more examples, he added: "All of this stuff I saved...just reminds me of my failures." Specifically, his repeated failures to Adele, which he finally delved into more when he met up with Catherine Avery at a bar. "I should have been there," he told her. "I failed her when she needed me the most. I failed her. I feel like I can't grieve, like I lost the right to grieve when I started seeing you." His major despair from Adele's death doesn't so much have to do with the fact that Adele is gone -- but the fact that he wasn't there when it happened and had, instead, been running around with Catherine during Adele's final few months.

NEXT: Kepner to Avery: "You know what I'm thinking about right now? Kissing you."

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