Grey's Anatomy recap: Take a Vow

Bailey (finally) ties the knot, but tragedy strikes as Adele Webber's fate comes into focus for the doctors of Seattle Grace
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 10, 2013

R.I.P. On Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) wedding day, the Alzheimer's-riddled Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) made it through a precarious surgery but died suddenly soon after.

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Then, cut to the wedding (which was adorable, and I'll revisit in a second), and Webber showed up at the reception. Bailey approached him, started peppering him with questions about Adele's blood pressure and whatnot. He deflected, Bailey had to go do her first dance, and Meredith arrived at Webber's side. That's when the surprise about Adele's death became clear for us viewers. We didn't see exactly how she died on screen -- maybe we will get a flashback to it in next week's episode? -- but the news was handled via a quick exchange between Meredith and Webber. "You're here?" she asked him, and then she realized the only scenario under which he would be at the wedding is if he didn't have to tend to Adele. So she realized what had happened. "No. When?" That's when Webber told her that Adele had suffered a heart attack after Meredith and Adele left her in recovery. It was too much for her heart.

The pain in the eyes of both Webber and Meredith was too much in that moment, especially as we watched Webber re-imagine Bailey's first dance at the wedding as his own first dance with Adele. It was a dance danced to a song that's familiar to any regular Grey's watcher: "My Funny Valentine," which was Adele and Richard's song used throughout the series. The whole thing was difficult to watch, and I couldn't help but also feel that Webber and Bailey's relationship has basically morphed into a great love story of its own -- a love story between a father and a daughter. As she found him at the wedding and began asking him questions about Adele, he just embraced her with a hug that any proud father would give. And he didn't say a word about what ended up happening with Adele. Why? So that Bailey -- poor, often tortured Bailey who forgot about her fiance Ben when tending to Adele's ailments -- could finally have a minute of peace and enjoy her day with Ben.

There was a moment during Bailey's wedding, too, that I just realized was rather ironic and sad -- it was when Bailey was at the buffet with one of her family members. Bailey realized the macaroni and cheese cupcakes (are those a real thing?!) were gone and chided her family member for not saving any for her. "I saved a woman's life -- you couldn't save me some food?" If she only knew that, in fact, that Adele was no longer alive.

NEXT: Should Adele get a better send-off?

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