Grey's Anatomy recap: Racing To A Brighter Tomorrow

The doctors break the rules to save a patient and fight back against Cahill's plan to reinvent the hospital
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 7, 2013

PRETTY BOYS Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) worked together to help save a patient's life.

Ron Tom/ABC

High-stress situations always lead to more change, hence Alex's end-of-episode speech, but what can we expect from this episode's shenanigans? According to Meredith, Jo "kinda kicked ass." And we all know that if Meredith approves of a girl, it's going to affect Alex. She's basically his best friend on staff. And what happened next didn't hurt Jo's chances when she used her good memory for more than just math. She grabbed Alex and pulled him away to show him something and revealed that she had stolen a box of his favorite snack food: powdered doughnuts. Sweet, right?

And based on his facial expression, Alex thought so too. How did he put it? "You realize the ground beneath you has shifted." Oh yea. He totally loves her. And speaking of love, what's up with April and her paramedic? Breaking rules clearly suited her, because after she did, he found her completely irresistible. The two shared a steamy first kiss just as Jackson and Stephanie walked by. Did he look jealous or was that just me?

But enough with love. Let's move on to lust. Despite the fact that the doctors are "killing" Owen with their rule-breaking and defiant attitudes, Owen and Cristina ended the day how they started it: having sex. They should've gotten divorced a long time ago... just sayin'.

With Cristina, er, occupied, Callie called a rooftop meeting with the rest of the lawsuit winners, where she proposed what we've all been expecting (but what still made our hearts skip a beat): The doctors should buy back the hospital. I really hope her plan works, because if that was Richard's last SGMW elevator ride, I will not be happy. But at least Cahill got one thing right: Derek was chosen as the face of the hospital.

What did you think of the episode? Will the doctors buy back the hospital? Will Jo and Alex ever get together? Is she his person? And what does the future hold for Jackson and April? But more importantly, how hilarious were Callie and Richard today? They had me laughing out loud, and that usually only happens when Cristina says something extremely inappropriate.

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