Grey's Anatomy recap: Racing To A Brighter Tomorrow

The doctors break the rules to save a patient and fight back against Cahill's plan to reinvent the hospital
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 7, 2013

PRETTY BOYS Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) worked together to help save a patient's life.

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Thus, we met Julio and Calliope Plantain! It was Cuban. Anyway, Richard and Callie weren't great at lying, but when they showed up to Portland General -- a hospital now owned by Pegasus --  pretending that he was her husband with chest pains, they discovered what their future might look like: Stepford Docs. There were two main concerns around practicing medicine at Portland General: technology and time. Fifteen-minute patient assessments and tablets supposedly everything more efficient -- and a lot less personal.

As the visit went on, Richard and Callie did get a little better at blending in, thanks mostly to Richard's tip: "You always look like you belong when you're carrying a cup of coffee," he offered. The duo shifted their tactic slightly, moving from being a married couple to instead being two representatives from Pegasus itself. And it worked. Richard no longer had to wear a hospital gown (or try to spell Plantain), and they got to hear all about how much it sucked to work in a hospital that was essentially run by technology. And let me just put it this way: The situation at Portland General sucked bad enough to make Richard think seriously about accepting his early retirement package. All together now: NOOO!!!

However, Richard wasn't the only doc who was considering leaving the hospital. April played hooky for the day (what is a trauma surgeon supposed to do when there's no ER!?) after her boyfriend-non-boyfriend paramedic got a 911 call while they were on a lunch date-non-date. The two headed off to treat a 10-year-old boy who was involved in a hit and run while Pretty Boy No. 1 and Pretty Boy No. 2 worked together to help remove breasts from a young woman Alex had been treating for years. Did anyone else feel that this story was forced into the episode? It was such a sweet story, though, and the father did make me tear up, but I felt like it just got lost in the sea of everything else that was going on. For example, the doctors didn't even try to pretend that the surgery was a priority when April called Jackson with an offer he couldn't refuse.

And no, I'm not talking about sex. Turns out, the boy April left the hospital to treat needed immediate assistance, and the closest trauma center was an hour away. SGMW, of course, was a better and closer option. April called Jackson and, without asking, she asked him to open the ER. You know that boy can't resist breaking a rule or two.

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