Grey's Anatomy recap: How Do You Like Them Apples?

There's something rotten in Bailey's son's bedroom; Meredith won't let Cristina play with her new toy
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 7, 2013

SNACK ATTACK Bailey sizes up her mysterious enemy.


Derek and Jackson team up to eliminate the bothersome facial twitch of the guy who sold Meredith her new toy. "You are the face of new medicine. Don't you want that face to be twitch-free?" the easy-breezy-beautiful Dr. Dreamy McHair asked poor no-name twitchyface, who also sells ink cartridges. (I think his name was Harvey?) I mean… fine, when you put it that way, handsome man. Sure. Get in there. Derek does have plenty of experience being the face of things. He is the expert.

No new developments in the maybe-something relationship between Jackson and Intern Edwards this week. Instead, he refuses to let Intern Murphy do anything for his patients without his supervision. It feels like we've been over this plot line with everyone at the hospital -- but the rehash does give Derek a good chance to call up the mock-bullying verbal stylings of Mark Sloan (R.I.P. your clothes off). So that was cute.

In the most heartwarming and at times sleep-induing story line of the week, Dr. Webber's neighbor patient C.J., who is going commando, keeps trying to get him to "take laps" with her around the hospital, but he still refuses to move. When C.J. collapses for real, Webber's medical instincts jump back to life along with his languishing carcass and he rushes outside to pump her heart. He's back in action! Webber is ready to get himself back. I'm ready for him to mail me that incredibly cozy-looking purple striped robe so I can luxuriate in it while recapping Grey's Anatomy.

Did you also giggle when a super-serious Bailey said "I need a quiet OR so we can begin," only to be immediately drowned out by the IT'S SURGERY TIME swelling trance music? Would you likely eat more or less pizza overall if Intern Jo had given you her standard wedding gift -- a pizza stone? What would you have the magical thing-making thing make? Will April and Matthew survive?


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