Grey's Anatomy recap: How Do You Like Them Apples?

There's something rotten in Bailey's son's bedroom; Meredith won't let Cristina play with her new toy
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 7, 2013

SNACK ATTACK Bailey sizes up her mysterious enemy.


But she WON'T. After having a heart-to-heart with Webber, who spoke of getting himself back after losing himself, April decides to connect the dots. Her own stumble in her faith = his life-threatening electrical shock adventure. She needs to get back to who she was before she screwed Jackson again and again and again and again. And again. April breaks this news to a dejected Matthew, who moments ago had been so hot 'n' horny having just finished fixing the sheets on his angelic white bed.

April! Self-sabotage much? This guy had just told her that if they wait 'til their wedding night, he'll be thinking about her past indiscretions the whole time they try to have their God-sanctioned married-people sex. So she's effectively dooming her wedding night. And probably the wedding day, too. And a few days before that. Months, maybe. Basically they should probably just break up right now. I did really like seeing more of Matthew, though. He is quite the visual treat.

Meanwhile, Callie's interviewing Owen's new flame Emma for a job at SGM. You'd think the orthopedic powerhouse would ask about medical stuff, but Torres has been on an "I gotta be me!" streak as of late, so she wants to know all about what Emma does for fun on Saturday nights. She wants to know what feeds Emma's soul and whether she wants to have kids. Emma's like ummmm…. nope. Illegal. Weird. "We do way-too-personal on a daily basis," Arizona confirmed to Emma in the hallway once the job interview/creepy first date had ended.

Well, no thanks, then. Emma had worked with her ex-husband before, and it was the death of them. If she worked with Owen and things got serious, all of Owen's "people" would end up choosing him over her. I don't even think that's true! Owen's not even on the all-important Board. But Emma can't risk it. She turns down the job.

Of note: Arizona and Intern Murphy's relationship has upgraded from a maybe-something to an official thing. "Not a thing-thing, but an uncomplicated, exciting, nice thing," to be exact. The two are currently showering together, and I must find Arizona's adorable blue geometric-patterned makeup bag for myself.

NEXT: McSteamy mention!

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