Grey's Anatomy recap: How Do You Like Them Apples?

There's something rotten in Bailey's son's bedroom; Meredith won't let Cristina play with her new toy
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 7, 2013

SNACK ATTACK Bailey sizes up her mysterious enemy.


"Do you think they made a heart?" the interns buzzed before Dr. Grey's buzzkill of a presentation. Nope. It's just a fork. "Welcome to the age of personalized medicine," Meredith announced, holding up the utensil. It's what's for dinner. "A heart's too complicated," after all.

Or is it? That's exactly what Shane and Yang want to use Meredith's new gadget to create -- not an entire heart, but a conduit composed of biological material so that the left side of their baby patient's heart could pump blood to the rest of his body. (The patient was rejecting a synthetic conduit.) The Japanese have done it, so why can't they?

Well, it's tricky. If Mer and Cristina weren't fighting, I'd think Mer would be excited that Yang so quickly wanted to implement her initiative, especially after the lukewarm reception she'd gotten at the grand revealing of the fork. Sure, the timing would be inconvenient for Mer's research, but she'd normally seize the opportunity to save a life. She'd at least consider it, I think, and help Cristina avoid the messy paperwork and red tape. But nope. Cristina and Shane stay after-hours, intercept Mer's very confused new toy which was probably about to construct a state-of-the-art dinglehopper, and nicely ask it to fashion a crazy heart apparatus. (The result looks like what might happen if the roller coaster in the ShondaLand logo went completely off the rails.)

Meredith's wounds from the Cristina feud corrupt her surgical tactics this week, too -- instead of working with Alex and following the tumor-removal plan they'd prepared together for his about-to-age-out-of-pediactrics patient, she's out to prove something and bulldozes down her own over-ambitious alternate path instead. She thinks she's Moses or something. Intern Edwards and Alex have to enact Webber's two-challenge rule against her. Tumor No. 8 remains in poor Will's liver. Yang was right, Alex fumes at Meredith. "You were a lousy doctor today."

Meanwhile, in God's country, April and Matthew are at a standstill, with their entire bodies pressed against each other in the most perfect, completely vertical hug I've ever seen. But that's all they're allowed to do, she says. Matthew confides in her that he wants to just get sex out of the way so he can stop obsessing over how she's done it and he hasn't. He has her pressed up against an ambulance and everything. Do it, April! Get drunk again, this time on sex!

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