Grey's Anatomy recap: Cat's Out Of The Bag

The aftermath of April's wedding is revealed, just as the hospital finds it has an issue separating the personal from the professional
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 27, 2014

I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Alex (Justin Chambers) says goodbye to his biological father, Jimmy (James Remar).


With Jimmy barely holding on to his life, Alex lied to his father and told him that he could go. Alex said he'd talked to Jimmy's family and told them that he had the guitar and that he loved them. He told him he could let go now. And he did. Just like that, Alex said goodbye to his disappointment of a father, who didn't even tell Alex that he loved him in his final moments.

So as Alex said goodbye, the board said hello to three complaints. Apparently Leah's speech was moving, because a resident had filed three separate complaints against the hospital. Without getting into the details, they were being told that they let their personal lives disrupt their work too often -- which, to be fair, is 100 percent true, but also why we love this show.

Owen suggested they all agree to a zero tolerance policy. There will be no romantic relationships between superiors and their subordinates unless they're already married. So who could this hurt? Jo and Alex, definitely. Owen and Cristina, hopefully. But what about Jackson and April?

Well, speaking of the much-talked-about couple of the episode, let's cut to Jackson cooking spaghetti in his ridiculous, amazing apartment when in walked April!! Not only were they together, but April was wearing a very delicate band on a very important finger! Cue flashback!

We were back to April's second post-wedding freakout, when she had gotten out of the car. Jackson got out and went after her, but as soon as she brought up telling his mother about what they'd done, he joined her in her panic. He had two ideas for a solution: Either they don't speak to anyone ever again -- could he be any cuter? -- or they get married. As soon as he said the words, Jackson realized it was what he wanted to do. He didn't want to date. He wanted "the whole damn thing." And for some freakish reason, he knew that it was 13 hours to Lake Tahoe. And she said yes!

So what did you all think of the episode? Are you as into Jackson and April (and their apartment) as I am? And when will Meredith stop yelling at everyone? Finally, people really can't stop sleeping together, can they? Is that physically possible on Grey's? Sound off in the comments?

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