Grey's Anatomy recap: Cat's Out Of The Bag

The aftermath of April's wedding is revealed, just as the hospital finds it has an issue separating the personal from the professional
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 27, 2014

I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Alex (Justin Chambers) says goodbye to his biological father, Jimmy (James Remar).


Jo, suddenly realizing that she was engaged, went to Alex to ask when he had asked her to marry him. It was before the wedding, wasn't it? It was an honest question, but not one that Alex liked. Apparently he thought he'd made himself perfectly clear, so Jo did the same in return. She wasn't ready for marriage. And then when he walked away, she honestly hit the crap out of the vending machine. By the way, I know Jo is a crazy strong chick, but do you know how hard it would be to break the glass on a vending machine with your fist? Perhaps she's the one I need to be finding a superhero nickname for.

But she wasn't the only one with a mean right hook. When Shane showed up to apologize to Alex, Alex tackled him and starting beating him. Cristina and Meredith quickly intervened, but my favorite part of this scene had to be watching Alex try to be comforted by a teeny tiny Meredith. In another room, Cristina stitched Shane up and reminded him that he's a good doctor. He just has to make good decisions, which seemed like an obvious life lesson, but whatever.

Over in a conference room, Callie and Arizona signed for their house. When Callie got nervous -- considering Arizona had basically said they could never work three weeks ago -- Arizona calmed her down with a great talk about swing sets and happy memories. It was a sweet moment, but I can't help but be a pessimist when it comes to these two. Since Arizona's whole blow-up, I haven't been able to get back on board with her. I'm calling it: The house is a bad idea.

Another bad idea? Working for the President. Off at a lunch, Derek was getting grilled about his background check. They had found out that Derek had been paying $3500 a month to someone named Michael Betcher. But save your McDreamy-has-a-love-child gasp, because we all know that's not the case. Derek explained to Meredith that Michael was his hockey teammate in high school. After Derek cross-checked him one day, Michael had gotten a brain bleed, and since then, all he could do was blink. Derek sends him money every month.

All in all, Meredith took the news like a champ. But does anyone else feel like now that she and Cristina are better, she's turning all of her annoying anger on Derek? I love Meredith, but right now she's frustrating me. Although, no one is frustrating me more than Leah, who somehow convinced Stephanie that everything they've gone through is because their bosses slept with them and "used" them. At this hospital, Leah, sex can just be sex. Also, elevators are magical.

NEXT: A goodbye and ... is that a ring?!

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