Grey's Anatomy recap: Cat's Out Of The Bag

The aftermath of April's wedding is revealed, just as the hospital finds it has an issue separating the personal from the professional
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 27, 2014

I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Alex (Justin Chambers) says goodbye to his biological father, Jimmy (James Remar).


Sorry guys, but that's going to have to be enough wedding drama for now, because we're jumping ahead three weeks, to a world where everyone seems freakishly better at the whole relationship thing (other than maybe Meredith).

Suddenly, Calzona was buying a house, Ben was a resident at the hospital,  the board allowed Shane to come back, nobody had any idea what had happened between April and Jackson, nobody seemed to know Ben's age, and Jimmy was worse than ever. Alex called his dad's ex to try to get her to come to town. Unfortunately, he'd told her that Jimmy was dead, so she wasn't all too happy when she showed up and found him still breathing. Alex was hoping that seeing him would help things, but instead, she took Jimmy's guitar -- which once belonged to her father -- and left. Side note: Before she left, Alex introduced her to Jo, his fiancé. Did I miss something? Okay good, it looked like Jo missed it too. Wait, what?

With Ben at the hospital, he and Webber had named themselves the "big dogs," but sadly, Ben being a "damn star" was making Shane look even worse than he already did. And it didn't help that Hunt (who now knew about Shane sleeping with Cristina) was not his biggest fan. Let's just say that Hunt's military background made itself known, and Webber did not approve. But at least Cristina and Meredith were finished yelling at each other! My favorite besties performed their first surgery together since their feud, and I could not be happier!

But let's get to the star of the show: Cat Man! I'm not sure why I'm capitalizing that, but I kind of feel like he's a superhero or something, like Spider-Man. Oh, should he be Cat-Man? I'm confused.

Basically, he was a normal man who had undergone 15 surgeries and spent all his money to look like a cat, complete with whiskers and everything. When he'd left his house that morning, he'd caused a car wreck. It felt a bit like a pointless story to throw in there, but it was touching at times. Most importantly, Cat Man finally got Stephanie to talk to Jackson in order to ask him to turn Cat Man back into just "man" for free. Jackson didn't agree or disagree, but he also didn't get to apologize. Stephanie wasn't having any of that.

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