Grey's Anatomy recap: I Need My Life Back

Cristina drops a truth bomb on Meredith; Richard refuses to leave the hospital
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

HONEY, PLEASE Dr. Webber rises from his cozy nest.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Catherine wants Dr. Webber to come home with her so she can not coddle him. The pussyfooting interns are afraid to address his apparently obvious symptomatic pancreatic leak -- and eww, I might be, as well. This whole story line is so tragic. But as Richard commands Leah "Who?" Murphy to lift his gown and give him a proper hands-on exam, I can't help hearing Jim Morrison (another new intern) singing C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon now touch me, babe. Can't you see that I am not afraid? So it wasn't all that terrible.

Anyway, Richard won't grant Catherine's wish. He just wants to stay at the hospital all the time. (Yang would confirm it: He's one of the greats!) "These fools need me," he insists, referring to the interns. But do they need his particular diseased body or do they need his medical guidance? You don't have to do both, Chief! Sometimes you can't give 100 percent!

Finally, Jo, whose "dog face" (ha, Alex) increasingly reminds me of an inquisitive Care Bear, attempts to get Alex talking to his dad. He won't -- the last time he saw Jimmy, he punched him in the face -- but she won't give up. Jo wants to find Jimmy a rehab center so he doesn't die before finally, someday, in the faraway future, maybe having a conversation with his son. But Jimmy can't afford those places. Not the good ones. He's not Christina Aguilera.

No worries -- Jo gets him into a rehab center free of charge. Jimmy refuses to go -- he knows he'll just end up letting her down like everyone else in his life -- and rides the elevator with his son before leaving the hospital for good. I bet he will go to rehab, and after a change of heart (Alex was this close to saying something in that elevator) his son will go find him. Or, Jimmy will re-enter the hospital in a matter of days with fresh tracks all over his limbs. It's not over.

Barely any Owen in this ep, but he'll be dating the Mighty Ducks girl (Marguerite Moreau) next week. She made him banana bread to get through the work day! Man, I could've used some of that.

Coming up (in Meredith's worst nightmare): Zola snorts Oxy behind the day care.

All in all, episode 5 left me dancing around my apartment all dressed up in a super-fancy shirt… yet strangely pantless -- and jonesing hard for an amazing grilled cheese, peanut butter, and honey sandwich on banana bread. Can't lie. I'd eat it!

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