Grey's Anatomy recap: Three Questions

One patient makes Cristina re-evaluate her life and imagine two possible scenarios for her future with Owen; alternate realities follow
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 27, 2014

TO GO OR NOT TO GO. In alternate reality one, Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) argue about Owen's job opportunity in Germany.

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Back in Jason's room, Cristina was asking her patient again if he wanted her to remove the vent. This time, he said no, and so began Crowen life scenario two! Walking out of the room smiling, Cristina still didn't pay any attention to poor Jackson, who still got his hand smashed in this reality. She went straight up to Owen and told him that she saved the life of a man who could've chosen to die but didn't. She'd achieved the impossible by repairing a heart that couldn't be repaired, and it felt incredible. She was ready to celebrate, right now, with a naked Owen. And obviously, he didn't object.

Post-sex at Owen's trailer, Cristina asked if Owen was sure he was OK with this, with them just being them. He said he was good. Flash forward a bit, and he was no longer good. He wanted her to give him more. He wanted to reopen that conversation. They fought. They had makeup sex, and then Cristina found herself in Meredith's bed, where she talked about how she and Owen keep falling back into the same patterns.

In this reality, Derek and Callie's trial was proving successful, so Owen introduced Jason, who was still paralyzed from the neck down, to the opportunity. Owen then promised that he wasn't giving up anything by being with Cristina -- talk about whiplash! And a few years later, Jason was walking with the help of a body suit. And Cristina? Well she was busy kicking ass in her futuristic scrubs. Once again, she was the robot that George O'Malley once labeled her, rocking her trial and remaining emotionally unavailable to her patients. She didn't have time to hold the hand of Jason, her former patient, or his wife after Jason collapsed from kidney failure. Instead, Owen went to comfort Jason's wife, and when she talked about how she'd never get to have the child she always wanted, it really resonated with him. She leaned forward and kissed him, but he put a stop to it.

At Joe's, Owen was watching Bailey's television show -- please don't ever let this reality come true -- when Cristina showed up. Again, he'd decided he wanted more. "More from you, more from us." He was still living in a trailer, and she was still at Meredith's Karev's house. He needed more. So, back to Meredith's bed she went. Cristina and Mer talked about how Mer and Derek had adopted again, which probably wasn't a smart move now that the kids outnumbered them. But more importantly, Cristina asked for help. "Don't let me go back to him," she asked. Meredith agreed.

In alternate reality number two, Jackson's hand still wasn't ready for surgery -- this guy can't win! -- but this time, it wasn't the board telling him, but rather it was a very drunk Owen yelling at him. Owen started showing up drunk to work, where p.s., everyone in the future wears makeup and does their hair. And when Cristina went to see him, all hooked up to a banana bag, he confessed that he loved her and couldn't stand to see her every day and not have her. He begged her to marry him and then cried on her shoulder. Honestly, someone make this reality end!!!

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