Grey's Anatomy recap: Three Questions

One patient makes Cristina re-evaluate her life and imagine two possible scenarios for her future with Owen; alternate realities follow
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 27, 2014

TO GO OR NOT TO GO. In alternate reality one, Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) argue about Owen's job opportunity in Germany.

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Let me give a quick shout-out to the very cool visual of the three "Grey's Anatomy" logos on the intro screen. I love when shows incorporate themes in every way possible.

Back in alternate reality numero uno, Cristina and Owen had just finished christening every room in their new, very large home. From there, they hit the dog shelter, where Cristina picked out a scraggly little thing -- all of this made me think of Doc! -- that they later named Mrs. Rodriguez. And yes, it was a boy. In this reality, their life together was all about getting home to take care of Cristina's "dog baby" as Meredith put it.

Jumping ahead two years, the board was informing Jackson that despite the rehab on his smashed hand, he still wasn't ready for surgery. Anyone else having Burke flashbacks at this point? Then, at home, Cristina and Owen fought over the job opportunity that was presented to Owen. He was offered the chance to run the entire military trauma division with Teddy -- Teddy! -- but Cristina wasn't too thrilled that Owen had brought it up to the board considering it was in Germany and she wasn't about to leave their happy Seattle bubble. And God forbid they ever put Owen first. Brief pause: Any Friday Night Lights fans in here, because that comment about putting Owen first brought me right back to the FNL series finale, when -- spoiler! -- after 18 years of putting Eric's job first, he finally agreed to let Tami follow her dream and move to Philadelphia. Could that be what happens for Crowen?

Jumping ahead even further, they hadn't moved to Germany, but Yang had changed her mind about something -- she was pregnant! As was April, who called them "belly buddies." However, in delivery, Cristina panicked, telling Mer she'd made a mistake. Owen brushed it off, but after their son was born, Cristina looked to her Twisted Sister and said, "I screwed up, Mer. I really screwed up." Weeks later, when the baby was waking her up in the middle of the night, she clearly still believed she'd made a mistake becoming a mother.

And then, when her son Theo hit his head on a concrete step at the playground, she found herself sacrificing her job to be a better mother. She told Shane to take over phase three of her trial while she dealt with Theo's scratched head. Few years later? Meredith's son, Bailey, was already 7, and Cristina was pregnant again (with short hair!). She told Mer that she felt like she was sleep-walking through life, and not just because she was pregnant. She wasn't happy, but Owen was as she watched him play with their son.

Our final glimpse of this reality was in the world of futuristic scrubs, where Mer and Cristina got all dressed up to attend the Harper Avery Awards. Cristina was presenting the award to none other than Shane Ross, who now wore glasses and had a van dyke. He made a very familiar speech about how all it takes is one person, one patient to change your life forever. Alternate reality number one then ended with Cristina sobbing in a bathroom stall.

NEXT: Bailey has her own television show. Wait, what?

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