Grey's Anatomy season premiere recap: Aftermath Test

Seattle Grace works through the effects of last season's shooting rampage -- and reinvigorates itself in the process.
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 23, 2010

LOVE AND MER'S EDGE: Dr. Grey boldly rocked some heavy eyeliner at the wedding of her self-proclaimed soulmate Cristina.

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Dangerous Derek
I complained quite a bit back in the day when poor Patrick Dempsey got nothing to do but play an impossible female fantasy of a guy who knew how to use a blow dryer and plan a good weekend at a country inn. Now he's hanging out in jail -- "again!" Meredith scolded -- garnering admiring respect from strapping, tattooed criminals. I am happy for him, and for me, and for us all. He's a billion times more interesting this way, and you can see that in Dempsey's eyes as he plays this. The staff applauded his return to the hospital, and I applaud his newfound maniacal bent -- not to mention his decision to relinquish the chief position back to the Chief, which makes it a lot easier for me to refer to the Chief as the Chief. In addition, Derek's decision to give up the top post also caused the Chief to do an adorable little dance around what is once again his office. Also an A.

Cristina as Bride
She began the episode telling us, "I'm not wearing white. It's sexist, and vaguely racist." You said it, sister. Cristina and Meredith are another of my favorite Grey's couples, and they didn't disappoint here -- when Meredith gave her a talking-to to make sure she wasn't going to bolt from this wedding like the last one, and she said, "Derek's the love of my life, but you're my soulmate," I teared up for the first of a few times this episode. Oh, but then we got a classic Generation of Lady Overachievers speech from Cristina as she looked at bridal magazines in her therapy session: "I think you’re either born simple or you’re born … me. I want to be the person who gets happy over finding the perfect dress. I wanna be simple. Because no one holds a gun to the head of a simple girl." And then the flashback to the simple, straightforward, very Cristina-and-Owen proposal, with him just saying, "I'm not going anywhere again. Will you let me stay?" and giving her a ring. Another A.

Owen as Groom
Randomly picking Derek as his best man? Either he needs more dude friends or he was as enamored of Derek's badass makeover as I was. Glad we made a clean disposal of the Teddy-Owen-Cristina love triangle, though, when he quipped to Teddy, "I heard there's a guy," and she said she was happy for him. Oh, and the guy is Perkins, it turns out -- well-done, Teddy! B

The Angry But Not in Touch With Their Feelings Doctors
Sample conversation from group therapy with Perkins ...

Perkins: So, let’s talk. Anything at all?
Cristina: I ate a really good taco. From one of those trucks by the side of the road.
Meredith: When?
Cristina: Last night. You were asleep.
Jackson (glad you're back, dreamy-eyes!): From which truck? The one on Seventh?
Alex: I wanna go. I like tacos.
April (glad you're back, too, Everwood!): Me too.

Meredith and Cristina later fretted that they would never be cleared and they'd, as Meredith said, "be serving slushies at the Multiplex." Cristina responded that she'd choose dermatology over the Multiplex, though for the record, I would absolutely watch a show about them working at the snack counter of a Seattle movie theater. We know, of course, that the real reason Meredith hasn't been cleared yet is that she's hiding the part about miscarrying during it all, even -- especially -- from Derek. B+

NEXT: Onto the less-inspired character arcs!

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