Grey's Anatomy recap: Mugging for the Camera

Glue from a broken mug inspires two surgeries; Derek plans to Dad it up so Meredith can study
Ep. 06 | Aired Oct 24, 2013

GET GLUE Dr. Shane wants to smash something.

Randy Holmes/ABC

Oh, gosh, then there's the terrible, horrible, no good very bad storyline with Arizona and the clingy Leah. It's still not clear whether they hooked up. I guess they might have kissed a little? Either way, Leah's being super overbearing (as Alex warned Arizona over the operating table, "That girl goes from zero to 'I love you' in seven seconds") and Arizona's embarrassed/not interested.

Well… until she's propped up in bed, suddenly lonely, with no warm body around to compliment her on her favorite royal blue sleepy time bra. She texts the cling-on: "What are you up to?" This is all very stupid, but thank the lord at least Arizona didn't use "R," "U," "2," or an emoticon. The octopus emoji, for the record, would have been appropriate and welcome.

Alex has been visiting his guitar-playing dad every night at a local blues bar, much to Jo's chagrin. She wants to figure out if they're in a relationship or not, but all Alex wants to do is drink and brood amidst live music. Like father, like son. It turns out his dad has ANOTHER FAMILY he abandoned, down in South Florida. (Dexter?!) Dad almost broke down crying as he told Alex the story of how another pediatric surgeon had saved his son -- he'd been talking about a different little boy, who's now only 12. Alex fumed, punched his dad to the floor, and got kicked out of the bar.

"Thanks. I didn't know I could feel this crappy again," he scolds the raven-haired Care Bear, who'd confirmed Alex's blood relation to this monster. At least Jo had made some professional progress that day -- Richard has officially offered up his dying body as a medical obstacle course for the interns, and Jo apparently passed hurdle one: Figuring out the correct diagnosis by merely listing options out loud. That Dr. Webber is one incredible teacher.

Next week: Zombie patient. Wouldn't it be funny if it was Alex's dad? (No.)

Did you watch? Are you now afraid to feed your child -- or yourself -- strawberries?

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