Grey's Anatomy recap: April's Shower

Kepner's clone-sisters arrive to prepare for her wedding to Matthew, which is totally not gonna happen
Ep. 11 | Aired Dec 5, 2013

'CAN I MARRY YOU INSTEAD?' Ol' Green Eyes is the one.


Ah, yes. We're treated to a lovely shot of livestock innards as Meredith and Intern Steph also film themselves putting a portal vein into a sheep. I shudder to think again of Steph's attention-grabbing antics in front of the camera, which are so embarrassing for everyone involved (the surgeons, the writers, any audience of any kind) that I don't even think I want to describe them. Is she serious? Is she 7? That one is turning into quite the buffoon. The dancing, I sort of get (remember Meredith's "dance or you're fired" mandate from season 9), but the rest of Steph's gloating and showiness? Yikes.

Anyway, the sheep is not meant for this world -- it distended, dropped pressure, and flatlined, much like Intern Steph's spirit when she finds this out. How will they change the face of medicine now? I like Meredith's reply to her here and feel like it can apply to all of life, really: "That's what progress looks like: a bunch of failures. And you can have feelings about that, because that's sad. But you can't fall apart." One day they'll succeed. They may want to feed that 3D printer a sugar cube or something first, though. It should be kept as satiated as possible, lest it lash out. That thing is a menace.

Alex's heroin addict dad, Jimmy, returns to the hospital, looking to detox and refusing methadone this time. Jo refuses at first to treat him, but Owen reminds her Jimmy had heart surgery at the hospital less than three months ago. Plus, he's her patient. Plus, what else is she going to do on Grey's Anatomy? Jo is there for Alex and Alex alone! (Okay, and sometimes Webber when he gets that bored.)

"Hey, son," Jimmy mutters forcefully towards Alex, who's shocked he knows who he is. "I didn't remember 'til I saw you pissed off, standing over me like when you were 15 and you said you wished I was dead," dad replies, conveniently providing the back story to any viewers who hadn't been researching this for 10 seasons. Jimmy promises he's been trying to get clean since that night they fought in the bar. He starts hallucinating from withdrawal, thinking he's back at home in the past, just waiting to wail on his son and wife if only he could find them. Eventually, in search of his car keys, he hurls Jo against the wall, after which Alex hurls Jimmy back at the wall because he'd been lurking in the background like Batman.

"I started running interference for [my parents] when I was 6," Alex tells Jo. "He's a junkie; she's crazy." I shudder again, and would like to pause here and give Karev some credit for turning out as well as he did.

NEXT: Do I have OCD if I like to wipe all the Cheeto dust from my keyboard before recapping?

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