Grey's Anatomy recap: April's Shower

Kepner's clone-sisters arrive to prepare for her wedding to Matthew, which is totally not gonna happen
Ep. 11 | Aired Dec 5, 2013

'CAN I MARRY YOU INSTEAD?' Ol' Green Eyes is the one.


"I can't believe you yelled at Matthew in front of my sisters -- now they're gonna think I'm engaged to a nitwit," April huffs to Jackson. Interesting that she only ever says they're engaged, in the present, instead of that they're getting married, in the future. But they're obviously not getting married! We all know that. Everyone knows except April.

Intern Shane is so spontaneous and responsiveā€¦. in bed. With Cristina. (It feels wrong, all this Smash sex. I keep fondly remembering Cristina in bed lovin' all up on Owen...and even Burke. Weird?) Too bad Meredith has to deal with the negative side effects of his freshly amped-up edginess. She and Cristina continue to wage war as Mer questions whether Yang's "supervision" has made Shane aggressive and mean. "He spends a lot of time under your service," she remarks. Mer, you have no idea. Remember when you and your person used to talk about sex at the exclusion of all other topics? Remember the morning jogs, the slutty mistakes, the dancing? I wish these two would crawl back into bed together again. It's bumming us out.

Intern Shane truly has gone too far: It's one thing to be a loose cannon in bed; it's another to set up a live stream of your attending's groundbreaking surgery without even consulting her. But they're a teaching hospital, Owen reminds Cristina, and so what the scrubs at UCLA and Baylor want, the scrubs at UCLA and Baylor get. Baby Nathan will get 3D-printed heart conduit liiiiiiiiive, on camera.

The conduit's a little smaller than she'd anticipated (WHY WOULD SHE PROCEED?!?!?!?!) (and isn't the whole point of Mer's new toy that it spits out exact measurements of things?), but Yang improvises with a triangular cut. But once baby Nathan's heart rate monitor starts going berserk, she finally cuts off filming privileges. We can see it in her eyes that she doesn't think the conduit's going to be a success in there. By episode's end, it seems Nathan might be okay -- but I doubt this is over. I mean, the sheep diedā€¦..

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