Grey's Anatomy recap: Stand Up and Take It

Season 10's winter finale delivers a cliffhanger at April's wedding, haunting flashbacks for raging Shane, and more Meredith-Cristina drama
Ep. 12 | Aired Dec 12, 2013

GET UP, STAND UP Who objects to this blessed union?


Meanwhile, Intern Leah is on some sort of crazy power trip, having been inspired by Bailey's advice during surgery to stand up for what she deserves. Her conversation with Jo is supposed to be about April's wedding, but Leah's all, "No, I deserve her!" and whoops, we're back to talking about Arizona again. "I am gonna tell Arizona how I feel, and she is gonna be forced to deal with it, and I SOUND CRAZY, THIS IS WHAT I DO!" Jo attempts to talk her off the ledge. "Thank you for not letting me do that," Leah breathes. Yes, Jo, thank you from all of us.

Intern Shane's power trip is not as easily squashed, though. Against the better judgement of Leah and some nurses, he forces his way into operating on a patient -- Jimmy, Alex's dad -- without clearance from an attending, then completely freaks out as the Jimmy's ventricle wall disintegrates under his shoddy workmanship. And he STILL screams at Leah that he can fix it! Eventually Dr. Webber rushes in (he'd quietly returned to performing minor surgeries, ho hum) and calmly walks Shane through the freakout as Shane is haunted by flashbacks of the night he sent Intern Brooks down to the basement. He's been overworking himself for months to prove himself. Webber is the consummate teacher and coach, telling Shane "You did good. We're all done here," after he'd fixed the intern's mess. "Why don't you go get some rest?"

"No, when I come back, she'll be dead," Shane says, referring to Brooks. "It's my fault!"

But Webber insists. "She's gonna be fine. Go get some rest."

Before April's wedding begins -- as Mer and Cristina rage backstage -- some others evaluate the state of their current relationships. Bailey confronts Ben -- who worries she might be quitting surgery -- about how he quit surgery himself. "Did it ever occur to you that my [OCD] symptoms may have gotten worse when you showed up having quit your job?" she wonders. It seems to have not occurred to him!

Plus, Arizona has been struggling the whole hour in the face of Callie's optimism about her new leg and their healing relationship. She sobs to a sympathetic nervous system named April about how Callie's desperate need to try and "fix everything" is driving her crazy. The reason she'd hooked up with Lauren that night was because Lauren found the "new Arizona" attractive. "She never knew me before," Arizona says, trailing off about how she feels like she's not…."enough" anymore. And "it's not fair, it's not fair, it's not her fault," she tells an exasperated April. Basically -- and I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong -- it seems like Arizona is still figuring out her status quo, her new body image, her overall impression of herself post-crash (and post-cheating). She's finally starting to feel okay the way she is now, but she's not sure Callie can ever make her feel that way. To make a long story short, she's an emotional mess.

Earlier, Arizona had yelled at Callie to ease up on the tractor patient's dad -- telling her, "Sometimes we try to make things better and we have no idea that we're actually causing more pain." I'm not sure what else Callie can do at this point other than try and be as supportive as possible. Arizona seems like she doesn't want to get back together, at least not yet. Maybe not ever?

Finally April's wedding begins, and Derek immediately gets a call… FROM THE PRESIDENT. I really wanted to hear the voice on the other end and see if it sounded anything like Fitzgerald Grant's, but alas, we have to just go on faith. Derek had argued to Owen earlier that his helping out the Kleiss company was nothing like Owen's service to his country. "Your service was a calling and a sacrifice," he'd said. "This isn't that." Well, the calling president begs to differ. It seems Derek must sacrifice more of his time now, at Meredith's expense. "Take what's coming to you," Steph's voiceover looms.

And we all wait.

What'd you think of the winter finale? Will April go through with the wedding? Will Shane go to sleep?


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